Friday, August 31, 2007

she's already smarter than her mama...

Speaking of fate...

Did I tempt her when I got a new vehicle, or what?

We've had our Suburban for 1 month.

So far I've managed to dent it, get pulled over for speeding in it, and ...

Run out of gas.


Today, after I picked up Ellie from school I finally remembered that I really needed to get gas. That little warning bell went off yesterday morning, and I just kept forgetting to get to the gas station! I even have the fancy-shmancy thingy that tells me how many miles I can go on a tank, but today all it said was...

Low Fuel Level.

Ok, I get it, I'm going.

So, after pick-up, I drove to the nearest gas station. I realized, as I circled the parking lot, that their gas was a bit more expensive than the one down the street. So, I started to head out of the parking lot when...

It died!

Right there, 10 feet away from the gas pump.

I couldn't believe it. I actually ran out of gas at the gas station!

I guess that's the place to do that!

Unfortunately, the hose wouldn't reach around to the other side of my car, so I had to go in and ask for help.

You should've seen the look on the guy's face! He got a good chuckle about my situation, and then graciously recruited help and pushed my car into place so I could pump gas.

Thank you gas station guys, Thank you.

As he helped me out he said...Don't these things come with a Low Fuel Level warning?

Yes, thank you for rubbing it in.

As we drove away, Ellie said...Next time you should get gas when that little bell goes off Mama.

Yes dear, thank you.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I know you ALL thought it.


"Annie is potty trained!"


Too Late.

I even knew I was taking fate into mine own hands.

Fate payed me back.

Yesterday at the bewitching hour. You know, the hour from 5-6 when 14 things all need to get done, and because of that, everybody's cranky, and you're not quite on top of your game.

Yeah, that's when fate payed her visit.

Annie needed to go potty, but she didn't want my help. Being the naive mommy that I am, I just thought she was being independent.

Oh No.

Apparently, she had a bit of an accident.

With poo.

And decided to take care of it herself.

When I went in to check on her, this was the scene...

Poo on the potty, poo on her feet, poo on her legs, poo on her bottom, and poo on the floor. With sweet little Annie trying to wipe it up with wet toilet paper.

Oh My.

We got it all cleaned up, and then I realized I was missing one part of the poo puzzle.

Me: Annie, where are your panties?

Annie: I flushed them.


Thank you fate, for the reminder.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

fancy stuff!

first steps

At the age of 11 months and 6 days, Austin took his first steps!

I knew it was coming. He's been very steady on his feet for awhile, and I knew given the right incentive he would do it. He walked for a balloon. That's it. With almost no coaxing, he took 3 steps. How long do I have until he's running through my house? How long do I have until he's climbing onto the furniture? My baby's growing up. I feel...well...I'm not sure how I feel. I'm not sad, but I'm not thrilled. I want him to grow and get strong and big, but I don't want it to happen too fast! Ellie walked before I was ready. Annie took her time, and I was glad for that. Austin's been pretty fast at almost everything, so I guess I was ready this time. I guess. He'll turn one year old very very soon. I'm not sure if I'll be ready for that, but I guess I don't have a choice. I'm trying to focus on how cute he'll be toddling around, holding his favorite ball. I'm sure it'll be fun!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

God knew I needed an easy one.

Can it really be this easy?

I hope I don't jinx myself be posting this, but I believe that...

Annie is potty trained!

She continues her reign as Easiest child EVER, at least for our household.

Don't hate me though, I've paid my dues!

Seriously, with Ellie, I thought I was going to go INSANE over the potty training thing. We started training Ellie when she was 2 1/2, she was finally trained at about 3 1/2.

One whole year of accidents and power struggles.

When she was about 3, Jason and I took her to Lowe's with us. I asked her over and over again..."Do you need to go potty?" And every time her answer was a firm "NO"! She was so FIRM about it, that I believed her.

Silly, silly me.

We were examining our choices for closet shelving. Ellie was standing in the cart, talking to her baby sister. All of a sudden, I realized that she had spread her legs. Realizing what was coming next, I said NO, ELLIE, DON'T ...

Yeah, she did.

Right in the middle of the shelving isle at Lowe's, A Big Puddle.

I thought Jason was going to die of embarrassment.

I, on the other hand, was just plain MAD!

(me) I asked you 14 times if you needed to go potty! Why didn't you say YES!

(Ellie) 'Cause I didn't need to go then.

(me) Why didn't you tell me that you needed to go?

(Ellie) I don't know.

After finding an employee and reluctantly explaining the situation, (thankfully he was very kind and had kids of his own!) I hauled her out to the car to get her cleaned up. This same scene repeated itself several times, in different locations. I didn't use Pull-ups, because she just used them as diapers. Sticker charts didn't work. Presents worked for awhile, but then ceased to encourage her. Honestly, I don't know what ended up happening, but around age 3 1/2, the accidents finally stopped for the most part.

So, I'm sure you understand why I was very reluctant to potty train Annie.

However, after kinda trying for about 2 months, she has kept her Dora panties dry for 4 straight days!

I love her phrasing..."Mommy! Pee Pee's comin'!"

Thank you Annie, for being so easy!

We did have one public accident with Annie, but that was more my fault than hers. She wasn't really in potty training mode, and I ran out of diapers, and then I forgot she didn't have a diaper on, and well...Don't worry, I cleaned the bouncy house myself with disinfectant!

Oh well, I guess that's all water under the bridge now.

Or pee pee under the shopping cart.

I guess it all depends on how you look at it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

only in the ozarks...

I have lived in the "Ozarks" my entire life, except for 3 months when I was 3, when we lived in Dallas, TX. (another reason why I can say "y'all") I love this area, the beauty, the friendly people, the "old fashioned good values". I've always known there was a "hillbilly" side, but never really acknowledged how close it was. Until yesterday. My mom and I drove through some small towns, "spots in the road" if you will, on our way to a funeral. As we went through one "spot" we noticed several cars parked in front of an establishment. Upon closer inspection, we was a bar...that was fairly busy...on Saturday 9:01 am. Seriously. Now you know, that in the next couple of years, when a tornado comes through, or we get flooded, and those "big city" news people come around, that they will find that bar on a Saturday morning, and interview the patrons for the 5:30 news. Never mind the throngs of "normal" people that live here, it'll be Bubba at the Bar at 9:01 am. (click here to read a sample interview) Oh well, as my daddy says, It takes all kinds!

Friday, August 24, 2007

my soapy box

OK, I'm about to vent about something, so forgive ahead of time if this doesn't flow well...


This thing is driving me crazy, and I've only done it twice!

(For those of you who don't know what the "loop" is, I'll try and explain. It is a road that goes around 3 schools. It has one "driving" lane on the left, and one "pick-up" lane on the right, and it is one way.)

Yesterday I actually navigated it OKish, with help from my friend Dixie. And also some pure luck. Today, when I was actually earlier than I even intended (gasp!) It was a nightmare!

We were instructed to STAY IN OUR CARS in the loop. So WHY is everyone OUT OF THEIR CARS??? Seriously! I was in a line, where I was supposed to be, when I realize that the people in front of me are leaving their cars parked in the middle of the road, BLOCKING ME IN, and walking up to get their kids! So much for trying to follow the rules! Talk about road rage, it took all my self control not to start screaming at these people out my window! I was so frustrated! Finally someone came back to their car, and drove away, and I was able to get around the other parked cars and pick up my daughter. I would have parked and walked, like some smart friends of mine, except that I had 2 sleeping children in the car. I am just SO MAD I COULD SPIT! I realize that this may sound funny coming from me, since I am not always such a rule follower myself. But I am when it counts. Like if others are going to be negatively affected by my actions.

What is next months character trait?

Oh yeah, RESPECT!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday 13, Kindergarten Edition

Well, we made it! It's still hard for me to believe that I'm a mom of a kindergartner, but apparently I am! Here are Ellie's top 13 highlights...

1. We went OUTSIDE (said with great enthusiasm!)

2. I ate LUNCH!

3. I was really REALLY good!

4. A boy spit on me, and he got in trouble.

5. I laid on my towel for rest time, I used part of my towel for a pillow.


7. I made a friend named Lexi, she shared her crayons with me!

8. We colored a picture.

9. We had music class and we stood up, and then sat criss-cross applesauce, and then we stood up, and then sat criss-cross applesauce, and then we stood up, and then sat criss-cross applesauce, and then we . . .

10. We have a COACH!

11. We read books.

12. I like my teacher.

13. I looked and looked for you in the cars and YOU WEREN'T THERE! I had to wait.

She is a happy and excited girl this afternoon. She's glad she gets to go again tomorrow, and she says she had a great day! Except the waiting for mommy to get there part! In my defense, there were A LOT of other kids that hadn't been picked up yet when I got there, so I really wasn't late. I think she just thought I'd be right there when she came outside. Tomorrow I'll try to be a little earlier I guess! Congratulations on your first day of school Ellie! You did AWESOME!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The outfit is laying on the arm of the couch.

The piggy-tail holders are on the bathroom counter.

The lunch is packed and waiting in the refrigerator.

The backpack is filled with supplies, and hanging by the back door.

The girl is peacefully sleeping.

The mommy is wide awake.

I have done everything I know to do. I have prepared her as best I know how.

Now I will let her go.

I am trusting God to take care of her, to calm her fears, to give her teacher what she needs - so that she can do her best.

My heart aches a little for the years that have come and gone.

So fast.

But she needs this, she is ready for more than I can give.

I may shed a few tears tomorrow, I don't really know.

Thank you God, for giving me such a strong child. She is so very capable of handling this. And thank you God for the peace that you give me, so that I can handle this.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the magic of song

I suppose I'm feeling sappy and sentimental, since Ellie will start kindergarten in 2 days (eek!) Last night as I was putting Annie to bed, she asked me to rock her and then asked for a song. This has always been our bedtime routine with Annie, until we moved her to her big girl bed. After that, she decided that she just wanted to lay down. No rocking, No singing. I guess she thought she was too big for that! Anyway, when she asked to be rocked last night, I happily said, "Of Course!"

As I rocked her and sang to her, I started thinking about all the special songs I have sung to my children.

When Ellie was a tiny baby, she would sleep in our bed. Every morning when she'd wake up next to me, I'd look at her tiny, sweet face, and think of that song, Good Morning Beautiful. It's a country song by Steve Holy (I just put it on my playlist over to the right!). I realize that it's a love song, but most of the lyrics fit with my feelings for Ellie. I would sing this song to her often. She was so very beautiful.

I think Annie was about 1 year old, when I started singing this song to her when I put her to bed. I tried many songs, but ended up singing one that I made up, almost every night. We call it the "Annie song". I would sing...

Good night, to my Annie, my little baby girl. Good night, my Annie girl, my Annie, Annie, Annie girl. My precious sweet sweet Annie Gracie girl.

I still sing it to her when she let's me.

When Austin came along, we were on the go a lot. When the kids would get fussy (aka; the girls would be screaming!) in the car, I would pop in the Kindermusik CD that has the "Hush Little Baby" song on it. It would always calm everybody down, including me! It quickly became my favorite song to sing to Austin, and, although I often just sing a few bars, it usually works like magic to calm him down.

I always want to remember what songs I sang to my babies when they were little. Hence, this post. I love the tenderness that envelops us when I sing.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Tradition Continues

Look at this picture!

Ahhh, Isn't it CUTE! 3 perfect children, all behaving nicely, and posing for their 'Summer of '07' picture.


Now here's the story behind the picture...

I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago, that my Picture People portrait club membership was going to expire in 2 days, and "Did I want to make an appointment?"

Now, my first response (in my head) was NOT ON YOUR LIFE! But I politely said "No thank you." and hung up.

(if you don't know read this.)

Well, I must have lost my mind, because after I hung up the phone, I began thinking...

Wait, I think I still have a free sheet and a $10 off coupon, Oh and I have another coupon for another free sheet and 15% off, That's equal to...3 free sheets! NO, NO, What am I thinking, we can't just UP and go to Town for pictures in 2 days. Wait, we're going to Town anyway tomorrow for haircuts, and Grammie is meeting us...I guess we could go do pictures after the haircuts, I mean, at least their hair will look good.

And that is how I COMPLETELY reasoned myself into another wonderful portrait session with my children.


So, the next day we went to Town. We got the haircuts, and proceeded to the Mall for pictures. After waiting for 10 minutes, we were escorted into the 'picture taking area' by a young, novice photographer.

How could I tell he was a novice? The blank stare I got, when I asked him where I should place the children, was my first clue. That was when the scary music started playing in my head.

We began to place the children...

Ellie, you sit here, No, here, Right HERE. Ok, Annie could you sit here? I know you don't want to sit by Ellie, but it's just for a picture, pleeease sweetie, Do you want some candy? OK, Grammie's got candy for you after you sit here, thank you sweetie. OK, Now Annie hold Austin right here. Ellie. sit still, I know you want to hold Austin, but right now it's Annie's turn. Ellie, calm down, Ellie! (warning tone) Behave young lady! If you want a treat after this you MUST do what we need you to do. Thank you! Now Ellie, sit here. NO, HERE. Thank You. Annie, back over here sweetie, good, now for Austin. Annie, hold him tight, NOT THAT TIGHT, DON'T CHOKE HIM! Like this sweetie, good...OK everybody smile, Ellie, sit up straight, ELLIE! Smile...Ellie, smile, don't make faces! SMILE...(click) Oh, that might have actually been an OK one! Austin was a little smushed looking, and Ellie was slouching, but maybe. Let's try another pose...

That's when it really went crazy. The novice photographer tried stacking my kids on top of each other! Not a good idea for ages 5, 3, and 10 months! Then, bless his heart, he just couldn't think of what to do next. I suggested using a stool for Austin stand by, but apparently they don't have stools anymore. So, he called for help, and another photographer came in. This one was much more experienced, and had 2 young kids of her own, and I thought "Good!" She tried basically the same pose, only this time had them sitting on benches. It was a good idea, but after the exact same scene above, it ended with Annie shoving Austin to the floor in a moment of frustration, which resulted in Austin screaming and a sizable knot forming on his head. We then took a short break. Another photographer came in, and if you're keeping count, yes, that would make 3 photographers now trying to take a picture of my little darlings!

Oh My.

After some discussion as to what would be the best pose, we began again. The first photographer manned the camera, which, by the way, he couldn't seem to figure out how to keep the lens on, and it kept crashing to the floor throughout the process. The second photographer got a rocking chair for Austin to sit in, but had me hold him until we were completely ready. The third photographer tried to keep the girls from fighting and provided direction for the first photographer. The second photographer patiently talked my girls into position, and then said "Now, put the baby in NOW! OHHH KAYYY, SMIIILLE...LOOK AT ME TICKLE MOMMY, LOOK AT THIIIIIS, I'M TICKLING MOOOMMMY! (crash! the lens hit the floor) EVERYBODY LOOK UP HEEERRRE, NOW I'M TICKLING GRAMMIE!!! OH, NOW IT'S MOMMY AGAIN...(click.)

And that was the picture that you see above.

After that, they moved us into a different area, and yet a fourth photographer continued to take pictures. Mostly of the kids individually, with some minor catastrophes and some successes. I won't give you that play-by-play, since this is already my longest post ever, and it took me 2 weeks to be able to write it! Just use your imagination, I'm sure you can picture it! (pun intended!)

Next time (yes, there will be a next time, since we must have Christmas cards!) I think I'll set up a video camera to capture the craziness. I really think we could win one of those "Funniest Home Video" awards! Our usual photographer, Sheri (whom we didn't use since she was almost 9 months pregnant!) agrees with me that our family is "the craziest family she takes pictures of!"

So, 3 hours and 4 photographers later, I went to pick up my pictures. As I was paying for the pictures, the second photographer said...

"Could I put your name on a list to call for a good family for training photographers? Your kids would be really good practice!"

Oh My Goodness!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday 13!

Yeah, I remembered that it's Thursday!

13 Things I love about Blogging!!!

1. I never new how well I could parent from my desk chair! I can direct, cajole, warn, and discipline pretty well, without ever moving from this spot. Seriously Amazing! "Not right now, Mommy's blogging." has become a fairly regular phrase in our home. I'm such a good mom.

2. I actually READ now. Before blogging, I rarely read anything other than children's books and magazines. You can only read the descriptions of the seriously fabulous Pottery Barn items so many times, before your eyes start to glaze over. Now I read great writing by great bloggers EVERY DAY!

3. BooMama. She cracks me up! I just love her phrasing, and her use of the word Ya'll. Now, I'm know I'm not from the true south, but I do live in Southwest Missouri, which I believe, along with the amount of time I've spent in Texas, totally qualifies me to use the word Ya'll. BooMama has inspired me, so from now on I will freely say Ya'll whenever and wherever I like, without feeling like I'm not allowed. Thank you BooMama, you have set my Ya'll free.

4. The way I look at the craziness of my life. Ever since Austin was born, I have felt like our family seriously takes the cake for craziness. Life with a Super Strong willed child, a toddler, and a baby is just crazy!!! I try to roll with the punches, but sometimes it still gets to me. Blogging has helped me look at things in a funnier light. Kinda like when I yelled at the kids in the car yesterday to PLEASE STOP YELLING AND SCREAMING!!! Hmmmm, I wonder why they yell?

5. I have become one with my computer. This is amazing ya'll (ahh, it feels so good!). Before blogging, I was completely and utterly computer illiterate. I couldn't even put a picture in an email on my own! Since blogging came into my life, I have been forced to figure a lot of things out on my own, since (for the most part) I try to blog when J isn't home. I love it when I figure out a new thing, It makes me feel so computer savvy, and I love being Savvy! Oh, and I've become much better at typing too!!!

6. The outlet it provides! Blogging has become a sort of therapy for me. I think when you live with young children, you can become sort of bored and blah about things. Now, when I have a thought, or when somethings on my mind, I have an outlet for it. Other than my 5 year old, who just doesn't understand my concerns and dreams, and just wants to know why I don't want to watch The Suite Life of Zach and Cody for the 1000th time!

7. The way it documents our day-to-day life. I haven't kept a journal since I was a teenager. I've tried, but after one or two entries, I have always failed. Blogging has a given me a way to remember the everyday, which honestly I need, because I have a terrible memory!

8. Keeping up with friends. Even though I live in the same town with most of the people that I blog with, it's amazing how I can learn something new, through almost all of their posts! We see each other a lot, but it's hard to actually talk usually, since we're almost always with a large group of children, who, for some reason, tend to think they need us.

9. The Pictures! I love to post pictures and I love it when others do too! It's so fun, as your reading a post to scroll down and see a picture! (I think this was Annie's "Don't Mess with Me!" face!)

10. Positive feedback! When I'm struggling with something, and I blog about it, I get so much support from my friends. It's wonderful!

11. The Quiet Time. I love sitting down with a cup of coffee in the morning and just having some quiet time at the computer by myself! I've started an online daily devotional too, which is making this time so much greater!

12. My friends blogs! I never new how incredibly creative and witty some of my friends are! Seriously, Ya'll are Awesome!!!

13. The Bloggy Club! I feel like me, my friends, BooMama, Big Mama, Baby Bangs, and all the other great blogger mommies out there, are just one AWESOME club! A club of Super Cool mommies who love the Lord and Love to Blog! How cool is that? Seriously!

Thanks for reading, all 12 of you! I've also noticed how much I use the word Seriously, it might be borderline excessive. But that's the great thing about blogging, it's me, all me. Seriously!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A New Year!

It is 2:01 am. I needed to unwind after my crazy day, so here I am, blogging. I doubt I'll have time tomorrow, (actually today) so here goes...

Happy Birthday Annie!!!

I have just spent the last 4 hours icing your cake and cleaning up the kitchen!

I really do love you!

You'll be so excited with your little family party tonight. I love that about you, that your so easily pleased. You were so excited that I was making you a Dora cake. When I asked you what you wanted for your birthday, you said "Dora toys." You have a true love for Dora, I think she is your best friend, along with Woof Woof.

You are so precious my darling girl. I love your sweet face, your cute speech, your spunk, your love for jumping, your dancing, the way you play with your baby brother, the way you call for me when you wake up in the morning, your bright smile, your singing, your giggles, your love for candy, your imagination...I love everything about you.

You have been an awesome 2 year old, but you're ready to leave that age behind. I could see the changes coming, your ready to be 3. I will miss the tiny, 2 year old Annie, but I know that this year will be full of fun!

You are a blessing sweetie. You have filled our lives with more joy than we could have ever imagined! You have a gentle spirit, an ease about you, that amazes me. Before you were born we named you Annie Grace. Your name means "Blessed with the Grace of God" and it completely fits you. I truly feel that God sent you to me, to our family, as a blessing. I am so glad you were born!

So, Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Annie Grace! You're going to be a fantastic 3 year old!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

life never get's boring around here.

I totally agree with Alana, when she says that she loves blogging, because it makes her see everyday happenings, in a new, funnier light.

This morning I gave Austin a bath, and then took a few moments to rock and cuddle him. He was so sweet, and within a minute, he was falling asleep. I gently took him to my bed to diaper him, and as I did I thought, "Now this is the way to change his diaper, Asleep!" I layed him down gently, his eyes were closed, he was barely sucking on his fingers, and I reached for the diaper. As I opened the diaper up, his eyes popped open, he grinned a HUGE grin, and flipped over and crawled away. HE FAKED ME OUT! I cannot believe that at almost 11 months old, he could be that smart! He's growing up fast, my little man.

Surely he doesn't get that sneakiness from me. I mean yeah, I snuck my parents brand new suburban out of the garage while they were gone one day, before I had a drivers license, but overall, I was a pretty good kid! Looking back, I see why my dad would never let me drive his beautiful "burban." (that was for you lauren!) A couple of nights ago, J had some friends over for a "guys night". I, being the thoughtful wife that I am, took the kids out of the house to go eat dinner with a friend. As I backed out of the garage, I felt a little "something." That "something" turned out to be our good friend Rich's car. Yeah, I'm thinking my dad might have been right back then. Thankfully, Rich's car is pretty OK, just a little black on his tire well from my tire, and a little less black on his side view mirror. Basically, my "burban" rubbed up against his car. The burban now has some black marks down the side from the plastic mirror, and a few small dents where it pushed in. J was, well, furious with me, but has graciously forgiven me now. Our beautiful new car is not perfect anymore, and I feel sick about that. Thankfully, we have great and gracious friends, who have reminded me and J that it is indeed, just a car.

Oh, the craziness of life!

(update, 2 minutes later...)

While I wrote this post, Annie found her birthday cake that I baked last night, sitting on the counter. It wasn't iced yet, so I guess she decided to decorate it on her own, with the sprinkles that were next to it. Dora's face is now kinda smushed in, and the un-iced cake is now covered in sprinkles. It really never stops around here!

Monday, August 13, 2007

so much to little time!

I realize that pretty much everyone feels this way at one time or another, but it's really hitting me hard today! This morning I was thrilled to have time at home to get stuff done. I thought I would feel productive and relaxed, I don't. I have checked a lot off my list, but I am overwhelmed by the realization that I have a lot more to put on the list! I need to make a birthday cake, I need to get birthday plates/cups/balloons..., I need to fold and put away 4 loads of laundry, I need to do at least 2 full loads of dishes, I need to put pictures into frames, I need to find frames, I need to keep the house from getting too dirty or messy (because I don't have time to clean it!), I need...TO SLEEP! And I need to make the most of the last 9 days until school starts! Where is that live-in-nanny when I need her?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

she says the funniest things...

My middle child, Annie, is a talker. (she comes by it honestly!) Some people don't realize this, because she's often very quiet in public. (I guess that makes her a "closet talker.") However, once she's comfortable, and you give her the opportunity, she'll start telling you story after story, without taking a breath. For instance, at dinner tonight, she began to tell daddy about her day. It went something like this...

"Daddy, today we went to swimming lessons at Ms. Kaye's house and I swam and den (then) we went to the WEC PWEX (rec plex) and we swam and I pwayed (played) with Avewy and, mommy what was the giwl's (girls) name (mommy: Cassidy) yeah her and then wivi and waina (her cousins) came and we PWAYED, daddy, we PWAYED and we swid (slid) down the swide wike (like) a twain (train) and we said WEEEEEE and CHOO CHOO and it was FUN! (deep breath) and then we swam and pwayed babies and wivi was my daddy and I want dem (them) to spend the night and sweep (sleep) at our house, Ok daddy?"

She went on, despite repeated pleas from mommy and daddy to finish her dinner (she never did.) She tends to let loose like that at dinner or at bedtime, or both, like tonight. She is so full of sweet stories, and I love to hear her little voice. I have a couple of short video clips of her like this, but I need to get more. She's my little story teller, my little talker, She's me made over again!

I'll leave you with this cute phrase from tonight's dinner...we had smoked chicken with corn and tater tots (all courtesy of daddy!) and as she ate her last tater tot she said, (with a grin)

"wook (look) daddy, I ate all my teeter totters!"

we all laughed, including her, and then she said,

"I know their tater tots, I just wike (like) to call them teeter totters!"

We love you Annie, you are TOO CUTE!

Monday, August 6, 2007

I would NEVER. . .

You know how, before you had kids, you would say things like "I would never let my kids . . ." I painted parasols at a theme park for 5 summers throughout my college years, and I thought those thoughts MANY times.

I would NEVER buy my child something if he/she was throwing such a fit.

I would NEVER let my child talk to me that way.

I would NEVER let my child leave the house dressed in mismatched clothing!

Oh how God humbles us with time and children. I once heard a mother of 4 girls say, that even after having 3 kids, she was judgemental of other moms. She said that her first 3 kids were all mild-mannered, easy going kids. She thought they were this way because of her superior parenting skills. She said that she would see other mom's struggling in the grocery store or in church with their children and think, "They need to discipline that child more." Then, she said, that God gave her #4. A strong willed, highly spirited, little ball of fire. She realized then, that yes, parenting does matter of course, but that when you have a truly STRONG WILLED child, it's a whole different ball game.

I loved her for telling me that story. It makes me understand the "other" moms out there. The ones that don't have a strong willed child. It makes me understand that it's nearly impossible for someone to understand what it's like to parent one of these bright, unpredictable, witty, and stubborn children, unless they have one of their own. It gives me a forgiving spirit (most of the time) when they make ignorant comments or give me a "look." I do have a couple of good friends, who don't have strong willed children, that are capable of understanding this. I thank God for you, because you are not judgemental, and you truly have a spirit of gentleness and kindness with my child.

Another "I would never . . "

"I would never let my kids watch that annoying purple dinosaur!"

The girls just finished watching Barney!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

i knew it was bad, but. . .

75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Los Angeles Singles from Mingle2

Really? Wow, I had no idea! Thanks Alana and Janelle for the link love!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

5 things. . .

Finally! It has taken me a while to get to this meme, but here i am! Thanks for the tag janelle!

5 things I want to do before I die:

Grow old with Jason.
Take care of my grandbabies the way my mom does hers.
Become a prayer warrior.
Develop patience.
Travel with my hubby the way my grandparents do.

5 things I can do:

talk a lot
be very open about my life
be oversensitive

5 things I cannot do:

dance well
avoid chocolate
pass on anything fun!
watch gross things on tv
sit down at my computer for "just 5 minutes."

5 things that make a man attractive to me:

a sense of humor
dark brown eyes
dark brown hair
a fun loving spirit

5 celebrities I crush on:

bourne to be cute!
used to be a good man.
aging VERY well!
a good southern boy.
love him in this show!
5 friends that I would like to see tackle this:


Friday, August 3, 2007

How to change a 10 month old boy's diaper. . .

First, gather the needed supplies. . .
---diaper cream (sometimes)
---changing pad
---6 or 7 small toys

Now, place baby on the changing pad, on parents bed since it is at optimal height for controlling the baby.

Now, smile and coo at the sweet baby as he lays still, and you remove his adorable shorts.

Take a deep breath (it will be the last fresh air you'll have for a bit) and proceed to remove diaper.

Smile and coo at sweet baby as he continues to lie still.

Begin to get hopes up that baby will lay still throughout the diaper changing process.

Start cleaning baby up.

As baby starts to wiggle, hand him a toy.

Dodge said toy as baby throws it at you, all the time still wiping.

Hand baby another toy.

Dodge and Wipe.

Repeat last two steps above until you're out of toys.

As the not-quite-clean baby starts to roll over, desperately hand him a clean baby wipe to distract him.

Silently say a Thank You God prayer as the baby wipe distraction works, and therefore saves your clean bedding.

Set dirty diaper aside.

Smile and coo at the now clean, half naked baby, happily playing with the wipe.

Retrieve clean diaper and diaper cream.

Working quickly, spread diaper cream on baby with one hand while holding baby's feet with another.

Dodge wipe.

Still holding baby's feet, maneuver clean diaper under baby's bottom as he tries to roll over.

Hold baby's feet high above the bed as he successfully rolls over, trying not to let the thick goopy diaper cream touch the bedding. Baby is now in a semi-handstand position.

Practice the "scoop and plop" scooping baby up with free hand and plopping him back on his back. All while still holding the feet in your other hand.

Grab diaper and try to maneuver it into place.

Scoop and plop.

Acting super fast, fasten one side of diaper as baby rolls over and starts to crawl away.

Scoop and plop.

Repeat 2 steps above.

Baby is now successfully diapered. Now for the shorts.

Reach for the shorts, while keeping one hand on baby who has now spotted the dirty diaper off to the side.

Rescue dirty diaper just in time, before you-know-what is slung everywhere.

Wrestle shorts onto baby upside down as he tries to crawl away.

Pick up the sweet baby, kiss him, and place him safely on the floor to play.

Clean up changing area, dispose of dirty diaper, wash hands, check on baby. . .

Do I smell something?

Do the sniff test. . .


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

just when I think I've got this whole "parent" thing down. . .

I was talking to my good friend Dixie today, and remembered a funny thing that happened a couple of weeks ago. So, here is my "good parent" story of the day!

It was a peaceful morning, the girls had spent the night with my mom, and I needed to take the car in for service. Hubby followed me to the dealership, and after checking in, we proceeded to unload the necessities of the day from our car.

Car seat, check.
Baby car toys, check.
Baby, check.
Small stroller, check.
Extra Diaper Bag. . .(me) "um, no I don't think I'll need that, I have an extra diaper in my purse, and some wipes, and I'm just going to the grocery store and then straight home. . .

So, off I went. We dropped hubby off at work and proceeded to the grocery store.

It was a beautiful, sunshiny day. And then we got there. . .

And I smelled it. . .


I'm sure it's not too bad, i thought.

It was.

We're talking Diaper Explosion.

Oh Yeah.

Luckily I had just enough wipes to get him (and his car seat) all cleaned up. I had an extra diaper, but no extra clothes.

And then I ranted inwardly. . .


I calmed my self down, and took inventory.

And then I spied Annie's pink blankie.

I really REALLY wanted to go to the grocery store. I only had one, EASY child with me. So. . .

Austin got to be a girl!

I wrapped him in that pink blankie and in we went. I decided that if anyone said anything about how cute she was, I was just going to go along with it. Luckily no one did.

Honestly, they were probably thinking, oh that poor baby with no clothes on, what kind of mama takes her baby to the store with NO CLOTHES! My goodness!

When I arrived at the check-out I felt the need to explain myself to at least one person. I told the check-out lady about the diaper situation (i'm sure she really wanted to know.)

I didn't confess, however, that she was really a he. I thought that might just send her over the edge.

I knew when I had a boy after having 2 girls, that eventually he would probably get dressed up like a girl.

I just didn't think that I would be the one doing it!