Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dress up

He's a good sport. :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


My brain has hit maximum capacity.
Today is the last day of school. My baby has finished kindergarten, my girls have finished 2nd and 5th grades. I'm sure I have some deep thoughts on all of that, but like I said, my brain can't hold anymore.
The months of April and May have been busier than Christmas for us. I can't even begin to think through all that has gone on. I've wanted to sit down and reflect, blog, and record what's been happening in our lives, but with life in maximum overdrive, there just hasn't been time. Now, of course, I can't even begin to remember it all, but I'm going to try... 
Annie: My dancing queen. My sweet and sassy middle child has found her niche, and it's dance. She loves it, and especially loves performing. She danced in her very first team competition two weeks ago, with her Tiny Tip Tappers clogging team. They did a wonderful job! Annie and I rode with Michelle, Olivia, and Elaina to Hot Springs, AR for the competition. We roomed with them and had an absolutely wonderful time. I loved having some rare time with just my Annie girl.
Second grade has been a pretty good year for Annie. She found her voice this year, her talking voice, and had a bit of trouble remembering to turn it off in class. (her mother's daughter!) She seemed to be easily distracted and had some issues with that as well. Overall though, she had a great class, and I think she'd say it was a good year. She's looking forward to third grade in the building across the parking lot!
Austin: My boy. My active, fun, silly, loving child. Austin has taken gymnastics off and on the last few months, and really likes it. He's so strong and agile, with those amazingly fast reflexes. He still shows no interest in any kind of sport. Sigh. He loves Star Wars video games, reading books with mom, playing cars and trucks, and legos. He likes to watch Transformers, Mickey Mouse, and Doc McStuffins on TV, and I love his diversity. :) He's grown tall and lean over the last year. He continues to take medicine to control his extreme ADHD. His ears continue to be a major issue. He doesn't hear much in his left ear, and has continued to have chronic ear infections in both ears. We've spent hours in the car heading to and from doctors in Missouri and Arkansas, and will continue to do so, for what looks like forever. It's beyond frustrating.
Kindergarten was a mostly good year. We have loved Ms. S. Her amazingly calm nature served us both well, and her sense of humor has made her endearing to me. We will miss her. We have also loved Mr. Jeff, Austin's SPED teacher. Jeff has made a huge difference for Austin this year, and without him I know it would have been a much harder year. We are so thankful for him, and so excited that he will move up to the next school with Austin! It will be a fun year with both my A's in the same school again.
Ellie: My first born. My child that amazes me and baffles me. Ellie pushed through clogging this year, and I was so proud of her at the recital a few nights ago. She did a wonderful job. She was also in Honor Choir this year at school, and we loved seeing her sing onstage several times. Ellie continues to love all things animals, online shopping, and making jewelry. She's sold quite a lot of her earrings at the shop this year!
Ellie had another amazing teacher this year. Mrs. S got to know Ellie so well, and was so great at helping her succeed in many ways. We will miss her. Ellie's grades were amazing and I know that was due to her teacher's commitment to helping her work through her anxiety. It's been a rough few months for Ellie emotionally. I'm sure hormones are playing a role, as is the social world school is becoming, and that Ellie has trouble understanding. Her sensory disorder has been on hyper drive, and her frustration has been extreme. I've weathered the ups and downs with her, and just desperately want to help her enjoy life.
Next year looks like it holds a huge change for Ellie. We have decided to try a private school for her. It's not a decision that comes easily, or lightly. I have prayed, agonized, and talked my friends ears' off about this. We love our public school, but it seems like this private school may be a better option for Ellie right now. She is very excited about the prospect, and I hope and pray that it makes a world of difference for her, and helps her become a much happier girl. Ellie continues to see her Autism therapist, and will do OT this summer with our friend Miss Darla at the local hospital.
Jason: My better half. After 13 years of marriage, I love him more than ever. Life has not been easy on us, but there's no one I'd rather face it all with than him.
He finally caved in and is currently working on putting a pool in our backyard! I'm so excited for the kids to have the pool I always wanted! :) I know it will provide hours of fun for us all, wonderful therapy and exercise for Ellie, and my inner fish will finally be satisfied. It has been a long, hard process to get this pool installed. We've fought rain, snow (in May!) and sickness. Jason ended up with asthma/bronchitis a week ago, and had me pretty worried as he struggled to breathe. After a week of medicine and rest, he's back to about 80%. His health is something I never take for granted, so I am thankful for his recovery.
Family and Friends: I don't know what I'd do without you. My mother is my rock. She is more than a Grammie to my kids, she's like another mom. I am so thankful for my parents! I'm also so thankful for Jason's mom and dad, who love us deeply and are always willing to help us in any way they can.
My sister-friends. The sisters I never had. They are so often what gets me through each day. Their texts, calls, fb posts and help with my kids is like an IV of caffeine to my soul. You know who you are. You know I could not survive without you!
Me: I'm still here. This last few months has been wild. This last few weeks, Insane. I am ready for a break. Today is yet another insanely busy day, and then tomorrow I get to rest a much as my children will let me.
I started working again this year. I have been a substitute teacher and para since November, consistently working 2-3 days every week. I have really enjoyed working, especially in the SPED rooms. My heart is with those kids. It's given me something to think about and focus on, other than my own little world. God has shown me that I'm not alone in having kids with special needs.  I have learned to be more patient with my own kids through working with some amazing teachers. It's been a blessing.
And now it's Summer. It will have it's ups and downs, but overall I am ready for it. I think. Hopefully I can be a more consistent blogger again, and my brain can start running on all (or at least most) cylinders. Until then...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My boy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cousin time!


Monday, May 6, 2013

A beautiful wedding...

Sweet Emily, our very first babysitter, got married! Her wedding was absolutely beautiful. The girls (and mommy!) loved getting to dress up and have a wonderful evening. Daddy was a trooper and came along too. ;) The Aunt, Uncle, and cousins were there too, and lots of friends as well! Congratulations Chaste and Emily!