Friday, August 28, 2009

My Baby

Almost daily I tell them...

"You will always be my babies."

Each of them, from the oldest to the youngest, will always be my babies.

There is one though, that is truly my baby. The baby of the babies. And he has my heart wrapped around his sweet, toddler chubby, hand.

He smacks his sister...but then he kisses her sorry.

He tears through a room creating a path of destruction...but then he turns on a dime and says "UH-OH!" and then starts cleaning things up.

He keeps me running all day long...but then sometimes, like tonight, he falls asleep in my arms. He snuggles deep in my arms in the quiet of his room. His eyes flutter shut as he sucks on his chubby fingers. He pulls his blankie up to his face, and smooths his hand across the silky part. And just before he drifts off...eyes closed, almost gone...his hand leaves the blankie, and gently pats my arm.

And my heart melts.

Because even though he is almost three years old...

He'll always look like this to me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Annie,

Five years ago tonight you were born. Five years ago tonight, God sent you to me and your daddy as a sweet, precious baby. So tiny, so new, so very beautiful.

We were so excited to have you, our second child, our second girl. You were sweet from the beginning. You loved being in Daddy's arms. You were a good baby, until you got tired. We quickly learned how different you were from your sister. Then, and now, you are complete opposites! Ellie liked to be rocked to sleep, you wanted to lie down alone to go to sleep. For being almost nine pounds at birth, you didn't end up being very big. You grew steadily, but slowly. You were very content to be held, and very unmotivated to crawl or walk quickly like your sister. When you turned one you were only 17 pounds, with long slim legs, and a beautiful pixie face. That fall we took this picture with all your sweet friends! AJ, William, Loulabelle, Tessa, and Annie!

You learned to walk at 15 months. You remained sweet as pie, and I just loved dressing you up in one adorable outfit after another! You stayed tiny and light, and I carried you everywhere. I loved taking you places, like Kindermusik with Miss Alana, because you always did everything you were supposed to! It was nice having a compliant child! When you turned two I was thrilled for you. You were turning into a precious little girl, and just about to become a big sister!

You welcomed your baby brother with classic Annie sweetness just a month after your second birthday. You have showed him the way, and taught him all the sweetness he knows. He adores you so much. That year you became my helper. Happily getting diapers and wipes for me, always willing to help. When you turned three I was shocked. How were you getting so big, so fast?!

You developed a wonderful imagination. Dress up and barbies became favorite activities. You could play house for hours by yourself, but you were thrilled when someone came over to play with you. You became very social, and I began to realize that your teenage years may be interesting! You requested a "Candy Store" birthday for your 4th, since at that time you said when you grew up you wanted to own a candy store!

This year has been full of newness for you. You have become a tiny young lady this year. You cross your legs when you sit. You have just enough drama in you to keep things interesting. :) You have a long list of friends, and want to play with someone every day. You started and finished your first year of preschool. You developed confidence in yourself. Your legs got even longer, and yet you still weigh only 33 pounds! Your personality is still so sweet. You are a people pleaser by nature, and hardly ever rock the boat. When you do have a meltdown, it is short lived, and usually due to being tired or hungry. You are so beautiful. Your hair is getting long, your skin is always so tan. You have a spunky, silly side of you now that is new, and I love it!

You turned five today. FIVE. I think I told you Happy Birthday about 17 times today. Tonight as I tucked you in, and said it one more time, you said..."Mom, you already told me that!" Ha! You funny girl.

You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make my life beautiful. Your name means "Blessed with the Grace of God", and you have lived up to it so perfectly well. Happy Birthday, one more time, sweet princess! We love you!

Love, Mommy

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Lovin'

My kids are fish, just like me. :-)

Except when they're lounging. :-)

Austin enjoying some downtime...

AJ, Tessa, and Annie!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And sometimes it just turns out perfectly...

Sometimes we set out for a "fun family day", and then ...things turn sour.

And then sometimes everything turns out just the way we imagine it, perfectly.

Today was one of those days like I imagine. We had a few bumps, but on the whole, it was just a fantastic day.

We rented a boat for a few hours today. Our weather was absolutely perfect as we hauled our kids and our 234 bags of stuff onto the boat.

We did some dancing...

Aren't they precious?!

And we did some tubing! Ellie even got up on her knees!

Austin was a bit unsure, but joined in the fun!

And Annie did great too!

I am loving Ellie's face in this one!

Our handsome boat captain!

And then there's me, I was a happy mama today!

What a beautiful day!