Friday, August 28, 2009

My Baby

Almost daily I tell them...

"You will always be my babies."

Each of them, from the oldest to the youngest, will always be my babies.

There is one though, that is truly my baby. The baby of the babies. And he has my heart wrapped around his sweet, toddler chubby, hand.

He smacks his sister...but then he kisses her sorry.

He tears through a room creating a path of destruction...but then he turns on a dime and says "UH-OH!" and then starts cleaning things up.

He keeps me running all day long...but then sometimes, like tonight, he falls asleep in my arms. He snuggles deep in my arms in the quiet of his room. His eyes flutter shut as he sucks on his chubby fingers. He pulls his blankie up to his face, and smooths his hand across the silky part. And just before he drifts off...eyes closed, almost gone...his hand leaves the blankie, and gently pats my arm.

And my heart melts.

Because even though he is almost three years old...

He'll always look like this to me.

1 comment:

Alana said...

There's just nothing better than your child falling asleep in your matter how old! Can't believe he's gonna be three!