Monday, September 21, 2009

Austin's BIG day!

My little man is THREE today! I am trying not to dwell on the fact that my baby isn't such a baby...but to just totally soak up his little "man-ness!" He is awesome. Full of life, full of fun, and yes, full of Mischief!

He loves cars, boats, motorcycles...anything with a motor! And for that he makes his daddy proud. :)

He can wrap you around his little manly fingers in about 2 seconds. He can capture your attention with his sweetness, as he grabs your hand and pulls you to where he wants you. This is what he did to "Mama Ellie", as he calls our Grandma Ellie, at his family birthday party a few weeks ago. He needed her to help him fix his wheelbarrow with him.

He is just adorable, of course! Last night he insisted on having three cars and one motorcycle go to sleep with him. So cute! I had to lay them on his pillow, and give them all kisses goodnight! I love his budding imagination.

Not only is today his birthday, but also....drum roll's his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! That's right, my baby is going to preschool today! He's starting a preschool two mornings a week, where he gets speech therapy at school! I am so excited for him, because I just know he's going to grow leaps and bounds! I hope they're ready for him! :)


Darlene R. said...

I can't believe that he is already three! Have I been blogging that long? Wow!
He's such a cute kid!

Happy Birthday Austin!!

Alana said...

Can't believe he is three..just CANNOT believe it! How did his first day of school go? And his birthday? I'm sorry I was so self absorbed today I didn't even ask! Thanks for your help today! I'm so glad you were there!