Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rock 'n Roll!

Picture this...Pink poodle skirts, black leather jackets, roller skates, and 50's music...Oh My Word, I had so much fun planning Annie and Austin's birthday party this year! We invited our friends and close family to celebrate Annie's 5th birthday and Austin's 3rd birthday at a Fabulous Fifties Rock 'n Roll Party! We rented to local skating rink for the afternoon, and it was SO much fun!!!

warning: you're about to see A LOT of pictures!

Daddy and I and the Birthday Girl on skates!

My man and my big girl! What cuties!

Nana and the Birthday Boy! He was glued to her side all day!

Me and my (getting tired!) Birthday Boy!

We did the Hokey Pokey!

Birthday kids in the GIANT skate! That thing is cool!

Yo Wingman! Nice ride dude!

We limboed!

We skated, and by we, I mean ME! Yeah baby!

And Michelle!

And the birthday kids opened some gifts! This is one of the sweetest pictures ever of Austin and his buddy Bear!

And Grammie and the awesome plane!

And of course! A family pic! What a fun day this was!


michelle said...

Shelley~it was a blast! You did a great job planning!

Darlene R. said...

Cute Idea! I love the family picture at the end. What a cute family!

Celeste said...

What a great idea!! You look amazing!!

Alana said...

Awesome! So sad we missed, I do love a good skating party! ;0