Monday, January 31, 2011

Blizzard Warning!


Apparently we're under a Blizzard Warning. I know this from the weather guy on the local news.

And from the condition of things at Wal*Mart today.


Anyway, we are as prepared as we can be. Prepared for the possibility of an inch of ice followed by a foot or more of snow.

The funniest part of this whole thing is Ellie.

She is Ready.

She has her extra warm jammies on. She has her wind up flash light on her nightstand. She has questioned us over and over again. Do we have a generator? Does daddy know how to work it? She has watched the news and the weather. She has planned her activities for tomorrow, assuming she'll be out of school and without power.

She is 8.

Who's kid is this?!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

We're the smart ones.

We're the smart ones. The girls are still outside playing in the snow, and Austin and I came in to have some hot chocolate!

We do it right. Extra chocolaty hot chocolate, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup on top. YUM. Austin would like to demonstrate the right way to partake of this delicious treat.

First you must cautiously approach the waiting mug...

When you've decided it is safe, you take the first sip.

And you realize...This is GOOD!

But that chocolate sauce on your lips is bugging you, so you ask for a spoon.

And proceed to scoop every bit of whipped cream and chocolate sauce into your mouth.

Until all that is left to do is drink the now perfectly cooled off hot/warm chocolate.

The end.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Me...

Dear 21 year old Shelley,

How are you? Pretty good if I remember right. You're working at Silver Dollar City, painting away on those parasols. You're engaged to Jason, and planning your brilliant wedding. Your mom is still doing your laundry and cleaning the house you live in. Your biggest concern right now is remembering not to overdraw your checking account, but even if you do, Jason will put money in it for you. Oh and making important decisions about which bridesmaids dresses to pick, and do you or do you not go with the dyed shoes?

Girl, your life is GOOD.

I know today you got annoyed by those kids whose parents MUST not care about discipline. I mean really? They totally gave in when that girl named Brittany threw a fit. Don't those adults know that they are just ENABLING her? I know you thought...I will be a MUCH better parent than that!

Yes, yes you said that. I remember.

I remember what you were like. Young. Smart. Sure of yourself and who you were becoming. Planning your life with Jason and your 3 perfect children. Maybe even 4 kids if you can convince him! You were going to be a FUN mom! You planned on scheduled craft times, teaching them piano yourself, teaching them to read by the age of 3...You were going to be a Rock Star Mom!


Sorry to disappoint you, but...yeah.

Don't get me wrong, you still have it pretty good. You are a stay-at-home mom. Jason is a wonderful husband and daddy to your 3 great kids. You do your own laundry and dishes, plus everyone elses, and it Never Stops. Jason still puts money in your checking account, and you know NEVER to go with dyed shoes.

Your almost 34 now, a far cry from 21. You used to be smart, before the mundaneness of life sucked your brain cells away. Now you are "kid smart". You know that if you say They're being so good! That in 10 seconds they'll be fighting. You know as soon as you let your tired body sit down with your semi-warm cup of coffee, that someone will need something RIGHT NOW! Yes, those "kid smarts" come in handy.

You are no longer sure of yourself, and you have no idea what you want to be when you grow up. Your 3 kids are far from perfect, and the thought of a 4th kid sends you into cackles of laughter interspersed with terror in your eyes. You are not a fun mom. Sorry to break it to you, but you yell at your kids, and need at least 3 cups of coffee to make it through your morning. There are no crafts, your 4 year old can't read, and no one cares a hoot about learning to play the piano.

Yep, that is your life.

And that mom of Brittany? No, that's not you.

You are behind her, with your 3 screaming kids. You are about to give in and buy them all whatever they want just to get them to be quiet. You have let them eat sugar all day, and are now paying the price. You are totally an enabler, and you don't give a mouses patootie what that girl painting parasols thinks of you. All you want to say to her is...

Just wait.

Friday, January 14, 2011


So yesterday I blogged about my boring life, but I left out a not-boring-at-all tidbit.

I had a surprise run-in with one of my best friends!

I love my friends. They are the people that "get" me. The people I can be around with no make-up, and feel perfectly comfortable. The people I can invite over and say "Please don't look cute.". And they won't. The people I can vent to, the people I can cry and laugh with, the people who have walked with me through the hard times and the crazy times.

So my surprise run-in with Janelle yesterday, was anything but boring. It was a bright spot, in an otherwise boring day. My only complaint is that our time was too short. Much too short to catch up on each others lives.

I need to fix that. I need to make more room in my boring days for lunch or coffee with friends. I guess a little excitement wouldn't hurt me. :)

As long as no one looks too cute.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I did today...

Made coffee.

Fed the cats.

Got the girls out the door for school.

Counted calories.

Did laundry.

Did dishes.

Played with Austin.

Took Austin to school.


Went to the grocery store.

Counted calories.

Picked the kids up.

Went through backpacks.

Excited yet? I know, my life is Boring with a capital B. But you know what? I'm kinda ok with boring right now. In fact, I'm kinda liking boring. As much as I don't like counting calories and exercising, I am glad I have time to do it. As mundane as doing the laundry and dishes everysingleday is, I am glad they are getting done. I realize it doesn't make for an exciting blog post though. Don't worry, I'm sure before long one of my children will do something exciting, aka CRAZY, and I'll have something more exciting to write about.

But I kinda hope not. I like that they're being boring.

Boring = Peace!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Flashback...

Annie had a homework assignment over Christmas break, and like all good parents, I waited until the last night before school started to help her with it.

Her assignment was to make a timeline of her life, all 6 years. We were instructed to include pictures if we'd like, so of course we did.

I ventured into the depths of my abandoned scrapbook room to find some photos of my little girl.

And then the weeping began.

Why do they do this to parents?!

I wiped away tears as I went through piles of old photos, wondering where those sweet babies went.

Then I came across these, and cracked up laughing. (it's a good thing I was alone or my family would have thought I'd lost it!)

Annie Grace, circa 2006, age 1 1/2. Caught with her hand in the sugar jar.

Be still my heart.

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Monday, January 3, 2011


I started blogging in May of 2007. Almost 4 years ago. At first it was an obsession. I did it, and all my good friends did it too. Sometimes I posted two or three times a day, which now seems crazy! Over the years, most of my friends who once blogged even more than me, have dropped out of the bloggy world. Some have stayed, some posting more than others. I have stayed, sometimes posting once a month, sometimes more. But that "bloggy feeling" hasn't been there for awhile. Facebook took over for most of us, and that's been okay with me for the most part.


LATELY, they're coming out of the woodwork! My friends are back! And I love it!

I think.

Tonight I have spent 3 hours on the computer. Catching up on blog posts of friends, commenting, writing, uploading pictures, etc...

I haven't spent this much time in bloggy world since around this time...

Tuesday May 8, 2007
so, i've been sitting here at my computer for about 2 hours setting this thing up. in that 2 hours my 5 year old has watched several episodes of scooby doo, i'm such a good mom! at the beginning of the 2 hours my 2 little ones were asleep, now they're awake. the 2 year old is watching dora, the baby is watching a baby video with the 5 year old. i'm thinking maybe (just maybe) my kids might watch a bit too much tv. anyway, i've caught up with my friends blogs, i've let them know about mine, i've fought with my email, and i've been trying to think of something funny or poignant to write about today...

Hello Flashback!

I am laughing over the similarities and differences from then to now. I've been at my computer for hours, but my kids are now 4, 6, and almost 9. My oldest is watching TV, as I neglect her to be here instead of getting her going on her homework. Oh mercy what am I doing?!

Moderation. I must practice moderation.

But really, welcome back Janelle and Alana, I have missed you here! And thanks to all my other friends who blog, for sticking with me!

Meet Max.



The Max.

It goes by many names, and... It. Is. COOL!

Meet Max...

He found his new home thanks to my husband, who makes it his mission in life to find new and slightly odd toys.

Jason and I took Annie and Austin out to Razor Ridge to really see what Max could do. (Ellie had a special day with Nana and Papa that day!)

Check out Max...

Wait for it...


That's right, Max is amphibious. And he may have a slight ego, he likes to show off a bit.

My view from inside Max.

My boy. He likes to run.

My girl. Beautiful.

Razor Ridge in early Winter.

SO much fun!