Friday, January 14, 2011


So yesterday I blogged about my boring life, but I left out a not-boring-at-all tidbit.

I had a surprise run-in with one of my best friends!

I love my friends. They are the people that "get" me. The people I can be around with no make-up, and feel perfectly comfortable. The people I can invite over and say "Please don't look cute.". And they won't. The people I can vent to, the people I can cry and laugh with, the people who have walked with me through the hard times and the crazy times.

So my surprise run-in with Janelle yesterday, was anything but boring. It was a bright spot, in an otherwise boring day. My only complaint is that our time was too short. Much too short to catch up on each others lives.

I need to fix that. I need to make more room in my boring days for lunch or coffee with friends. I guess a little excitement wouldn't hurt me. :)

As long as no one looks too cute.

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Janelle said...

Two days in a row. We rock!! I hope you have a wonderful night and can't wait until supper club tomorrow.

Alana said...

You ran into Janelle two days in a row? Tell me where, that way I can run into you there, too! :-)

I love our friends, too. I think a good elastic night is in order sometime soon!

JP's MOM said...

You know I am ALWAYS home when you drop your little man off at preschool and have that awkward 2 hours to waste. *hint hint