Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Flashback...

Annie had a homework assignment over Christmas break, and like all good parents, I waited until the last night before school started to help her with it.

Her assignment was to make a timeline of her life, all 6 years. We were instructed to include pictures if we'd like, so of course we did.

I ventured into the depths of my abandoned scrapbook room to find some photos of my little girl.

And then the weeping began.

Why do they do this to parents?!

I wiped away tears as I went through piles of old photos, wondering where those sweet babies went.

Then I came across these, and cracked up laughing. (it's a good thing I was alone or my family would have thought I'd lost it!)

Annie Grace, circa 2006, age 1 1/2. Caught with her hand in the sugar jar.

Be still my heart.

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Alana said...

I know! She was and is such a cutie! It's fun to look back!

Jamie said...

What a fun project. I too wonder where my baby faces went. *sigh*

MarytheKay said...

Oh, what a "sweetie" pie!!! :-)Wherever does the time go???