Thursday, February 17, 2011

When you're a parent, it's Always something.

That's the tag line of one of my current favorite shows, "Parenthood".

And it is so, so true.

I didn't expect that. I didn't expect a lot of what parenthood, for me at least, would be like.

I didn't expect the exhaustion.

I didn't expect the joy.

I didn't expect to have a daughter with SPD.

I didn't expect to design my life around what that daughter can, and can't handle.

I didn't expect to spend hours of my life in therapy with Ellie, learning how her brain works, and how to help her.

I didn't expect to have a son with early hearing loss.

I didn't expect that my son would take so much work, just to help him learn to speak.

I didn't expect that my son would be 9 months behind in his social development at this age, and I didn't expect to be happy with that, considering how quickly he's catching up.

I didn't expect the mama feathers.

I didn't expect to feel such love for my children, that any word against them makes me crazy.

I didn't expect the feelings of protection. To want to hole up in my house and never let anyone hurt them.

I didn't expect the intensity of feelings my children evoke in me.

I didn't expect the judgment from others.

I didn't expect the friendships that the hard times have made stronger.

I didn't expect, that even though this job is way harder than I ever thought it would be, that I would think my life, and my sweet little family, is so Awesome.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl with Super Friends!

We don't watch a lot of football at our house, but we do enjoy watching the Super Bowl every year. We also enjoy inviting a few friends and family over to help us eat the MOUNTAIN of food that my husband/personal chef likes to prepare. This year J made hot wings, BBQ wings, and pulled pork tacos with homemade taco shells. Yum! I did my part with some hot cheesy bacon dip, and the Super friends and fam brought some great sides and desserts. So...yeah...we pigged out!

My niece was almost as excited about the food as my hubby! Love that girl!

The W twins made an appearance! I loved having those sweet little guys around, and so did Austin!

The boys liked our dog!

Austin liked having a buddy to watch Toy Story with!

I like these girls!

We're a pretty fun group!

Especially with these crazy kids around!

This is one of my favorite parties to host. Thanks to all my friends and family that made it fun!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Winter it Snowed...

...and snowed...
...and snowed...
...and snowed...
...and snowed some more.

Oh my word. This years winter will go down in history as the WINTER IT NEVER STOPPED SNOWING!!! I may be exaggerating a bit, but not by much. It has snowed more this year than I can honestly ever remember. Some have called it "Snowmageddon!", and that's not a bad title.

I like a nice snow or two. I like to get some annual pics of the kids sledding. And then I'm ready for Spring.

Oh Spring, where art thou?

I'll tell you where, buried under 14 feet of snow!

In the past 12 hours we've received a fresh 5" of snow. That's on top of the 10" we got last week. Which was on top of a few inches from the week before that. That's normal for the mountains of Colorado, not here in B-town!

We had some crazy sleet as well. Inches upon inches of little balls of ice fell from the sky. Because it was sleet, and not freezing rain, it didn't cause the devastation an ice storm can wreak. Instead it was sort of beautiful.

I did get my annual snow pics of the kids, and they are cute!

This was the year Austin decided snow could be REALLY fun.

The girls love going to Grammie and Grandaddy's house to sled.

It is snowing right now, and I just took this pic...

Beautiful? Yes. But I am so over it. I may have lost count, but I'm pretty sure today is the 10th snow day for the kids. It feels like the 80th. I ran out of "fun snow day ideas" on the 2nd snow day.

Oh, and I did this a few days ago.

Yeah, that wasn't too fun. As you can see by Ellie's face, she was not thrilled either. We slid off the road on the way home from sledding at Grammie's house. It was scary, but we were blessed. First, we didn't flip, which as you can see, we were close to doing. We had our snow gear with us to put on, so we were warm. Jason made it to us quickly and safely, we didn't hit anything when we landed, and there were a lot of things to hit. It took two tow trucks to get the 'Burban unstuck, but they did it without damaging anything. The biggest blessing was it was just me and Ellie. Austin and Annie were still at my parents house, thank God! And even though Ellie was scared, she really did a good job of holding herself together.

So yes, I am ready for Spring. I am ready for flowers, warm temps, and sunshine. I am ready for school to be in session 5 days a week. I am ready for the snow to GO AWAY!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's still snowing.

I thought last winter was the winter it would never stop snowing. But no, it's this winter. Last winter our school's met the 'maximum number of snow days you can make-up' for the first time in decades. I assumed it would be the last time in decades. Nope. We're topping it now.  Again I will say that the snow is beautiful. Again I will say, I am over it.
But nothing boosts my mood better than a snow day with DADDY HOME! Daddy makes everyone happier. And by everyone, I mean me. 

Daddy is FUN in the snow. Daddy drives four-wheelers with sleds attached to the back with a strap, and 3 crazy kids piled on. Mommy watches from the covered front porch with her camera, slightly concerned the day may end with an ER trip, but vastly relieved that the kids aren't fighting like wild animals inside like they have been for days. Mommy decides the risk is worth the break.

Thankfully we ended the day injury-free, sufficiently worn out, and with some awesome memories. And that is a very good thing.