Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's still snowing.

I thought last winter was the winter it would never stop snowing. But no, it's this winter. Last winter our school's met the 'maximum number of snow days you can make-up' for the first time in decades. I assumed it would be the last time in decades. Nope. We're topping it now.  Again I will say that the snow is beautiful. Again I will say, I am over it.
But nothing boosts my mood better than a snow day with DADDY HOME! Daddy makes everyone happier. And by everyone, I mean me. 

Daddy is FUN in the snow. Daddy drives four-wheelers with sleds attached to the back with a strap, and 3 crazy kids piled on. Mommy watches from the covered front porch with her camera, slightly concerned the day may end with an ER trip, but vastly relieved that the kids aren't fighting like wild animals inside like they have been for days. Mommy decides the risk is worth the break.

Thankfully we ended the day injury-free, sufficiently worn out, and with some awesome memories. And that is a very good thing. 

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