Thursday, February 17, 2011

When you're a parent, it's Always something.

That's the tag line of one of my current favorite shows, "Parenthood".

And it is so, so true.

I didn't expect that. I didn't expect a lot of what parenthood, for me at least, would be like.

I didn't expect the exhaustion.

I didn't expect the joy.

I didn't expect to have a daughter with SPD.

I didn't expect to design my life around what that daughter can, and can't handle.

I didn't expect to spend hours of my life in therapy with Ellie, learning how her brain works, and how to help her.

I didn't expect to have a son with early hearing loss.

I didn't expect that my son would take so much work, just to help him learn to speak.

I didn't expect that my son would be 9 months behind in his social development at this age, and I didn't expect to be happy with that, considering how quickly he's catching up.

I didn't expect the mama feathers.

I didn't expect to feel such love for my children, that any word against them makes me crazy.

I didn't expect the feelings of protection. To want to hole up in my house and never let anyone hurt them.

I didn't expect the intensity of feelings my children evoke in me.

I didn't expect the judgment from others.

I didn't expect the friendships that the hard times have made stronger.

I didn't expect, that even though this job is way harder than I ever thought it would be, that I would think my life, and my sweet little family, is so Awesome.

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Jamie said...

Very nice post. And so true!!

Janelle said...

I love it when you write!! Deeply beautiful! And so very true. Love you!

Celeste said...

This is amazing-- and incredibly true. Love it.

MarytheKay said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. OH, and AMEN!! :-)

I also love love love Parenthood (the show). I cry every single episode!!

Alana said...

I love this post! This parenting things is not for the faint of heart!