Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl with Super Friends!

We don't watch a lot of football at our house, but we do enjoy watching the Super Bowl every year. We also enjoy inviting a few friends and family over to help us eat the MOUNTAIN of food that my husband/personal chef likes to prepare. This year J made hot wings, BBQ wings, and pulled pork tacos with homemade taco shells. Yum! I did my part with some hot cheesy bacon dip, and the Super friends and fam brought some great sides and desserts. So...yeah...we pigged out!

My niece was almost as excited about the food as my hubby! Love that girl!

The W twins made an appearance! I loved having those sweet little guys around, and so did Austin!

The boys liked our dog!

Austin liked having a buddy to watch Toy Story with!

I like these girls!

We're a pretty fun group!

Especially with these crazy kids around!

This is one of my favorite parties to host. Thanks to all my friends and family that made it fun!

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JP's MOM said...

Great party!

And amazing food!

Alana said...

This was such a fun night! I want to do it again! :-)