Sunday, August 2, 2009

And sometimes it just turns out perfectly...

Sometimes we set out for a "fun family day", and then ...things turn sour.

And then sometimes everything turns out just the way we imagine it, perfectly.

Today was one of those days like I imagine. We had a few bumps, but on the whole, it was just a fantastic day.

We rented a boat for a few hours today. Our weather was absolutely perfect as we hauled our kids and our 234 bags of stuff onto the boat.

We did some dancing...

Aren't they precious?!

And we did some tubing! Ellie even got up on her knees!

Austin was a bit unsure, but joined in the fun!

And Annie did great too!

I am loving Ellie's face in this one!

Our handsome boat captain!

And then there's me, I was a happy mama today!

What a beautiful day!


Celeste said...

I am sooo glad it went well!! You guys look like you had a blast!!

JP's MOM said...

Looks like you had a splashin' good time. :)

Love the pic of the 3, I am thinking Christmas card!

Laney-Lou said...


Alana said...

What a fun day! Can't believe all three kiddos were able to do the tube...cute!