Tuesday, August 14, 2007

life never get's boring around here.

I totally agree with Alana, when she says that she loves blogging, because it makes her see everyday happenings, in a new, funnier light.

This morning I gave Austin a bath, and then took a few moments to rock and cuddle him. He was so sweet, and within a minute, he was falling asleep. I gently took him to my bed to diaper him, and as I did I thought, "Now this is the way to change his diaper, Asleep!" I layed him down gently, his eyes were closed, he was barely sucking on his fingers, and I reached for the diaper. As I opened the diaper up, his eyes popped open, he grinned a HUGE grin, and flipped over and crawled away. HE FAKED ME OUT! I cannot believe that at almost 11 months old, he could be that smart! He's growing up fast, my little man.

Surely he doesn't get that sneakiness from me. I mean yeah, I snuck my parents brand new suburban out of the garage while they were gone one day, before I had a drivers license, but overall, I was a pretty good kid! Looking back, I see why my dad would never let me drive his beautiful "burban." (that was for you lauren!) A couple of nights ago, J had some friends over for a "guys night". I, being the thoughtful wife that I am, took the kids out of the house to go eat dinner with a friend. As I backed out of the garage, I felt a little "something." That "something" turned out to be our good friend Rich's car. Yeah, I'm thinking my dad might have been right back then. Thankfully, Rich's car is pretty OK, just a little black on his tire well from my tire, and a little less black on his side view mirror. Basically, my "burban" rubbed up against his car. The burban now has some black marks down the side from the plastic mirror, and a few small dents where it pushed in. J was, well, furious with me, but has graciously forgiven me now. Our beautiful new car is not perfect anymore, and I feel sick about that. Thankfully, we have great and gracious friends, who have reminded me and J that it is indeed, just a car.

Oh, the craziness of life!

(update, 2 minutes later...)

While I wrote this post, Annie found her birthday cake that I baked last night, sitting on the counter. It wasn't iced yet, so I guess she decided to decorate it on her own, with the sprinkles that were next to it. Dora's face is now kinda smushed in, and the un-iced cake is now covered in sprinkles. It really never stops around here!


JP's MOM said...

Well now that the newness is all good and worn off you can really enjoy your new car now, afterall TAKE IT FROM ME!!!!

So sorry I couldn't be your friend in shining armour the same way you were for me....are ya feeling my great big hug through the internet...feel free to wipe your nose and tears on my sleeve as I did yours!

Alana said...

I was so sorry to hear about your car! I just winced when I heard that.

Oh, and about the cake. Richie now has a reputation around here. He managed to damage both his and William's cakes this year before the guests ever arrived! Thankfully, it still tastes the same!

dawn said...

I have been there and done all that. I am the worst at minor fender benders adn it is always in a new or semi new car. So sorry.

I feel for you!

Janelle said...

Oh, poor Dora! Life is busy and crazy. Thank goodness you can tell it to the blog. The blog always understands, always forgives, always understands. Love the blog!

shelley said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I have the best friends in the world! Thank you Jen, for the hug; Alana, for making me feel better about the cake; Dawn, for making me feel better about the car; and Janelle, for always always knowing just what to say.