Thursday, August 9, 2007

she says the funniest things...

My middle child, Annie, is a talker. (she comes by it honestly!) Some people don't realize this, because she's often very quiet in public. (I guess that makes her a "closet talker.") However, once she's comfortable, and you give her the opportunity, she'll start telling you story after story, without taking a breath. For instance, at dinner tonight, she began to tell daddy about her day. It went something like this...

"Daddy, today we went to swimming lessons at Ms. Kaye's house and I swam and den (then) we went to the WEC PWEX (rec plex) and we swam and I pwayed (played) with Avewy and, mommy what was the giwl's (girls) name (mommy: Cassidy) yeah her and then wivi and waina (her cousins) came and we PWAYED, daddy, we PWAYED and we swid (slid) down the swide wike (like) a twain (train) and we said WEEEEEE and CHOO CHOO and it was FUN! (deep breath) and then we swam and pwayed babies and wivi was my daddy and I want dem (them) to spend the night and sweep (sleep) at our house, Ok daddy?"

She went on, despite repeated pleas from mommy and daddy to finish her dinner (she never did.) She tends to let loose like that at dinner or at bedtime, or both, like tonight. She is so full of sweet stories, and I love to hear her little voice. I have a couple of short video clips of her like this, but I need to get more. She's my little story teller, my little talker, She's me made over again!

I'll leave you with this cute phrase from tonight's dinner...we had smoked chicken with corn and tater tots (all courtesy of daddy!) and as she ate her last tater tot she said, (with a grin)

"wook (look) daddy, I ate all my teeter totters!"

we all laughed, including her, and then she said,

"I know their tater tots, I just wike (like) to call them teeter totters!"

We love you Annie, you are TOO CUTE!


Alana said...

That is hilarious! I love the Annie speak you used.

Wec Pwex - how CUTE is that?

And the teeter totters quote is a keeper for sure!

Love that Annie!

Janelle said...

What an adorable post!

Sorry to have missed the Wec Pwex.

Sounds like your little girl is going up so fast. Isn't it fun to have a Mini Me?

Hope she has a special birthday tomorrow!!!

michelle said...

That is precious!
I can see her telling her story. It was a fun swimming day.

JP's MOM said...

AJ had a great time at her "swimming lesson" provided by Annie!

dawn said...

I do love that baby talk. Just makes my heat smile.

Anonymous said...

awwww she's just the cutest!

Anonymous said...

How cute was that post! What a sweetie! I found your blog thanks to Alana! Nice to meet you!