Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Tradition Continues

Look at this picture!

Ahhh, Isn't it CUTE! 3 perfect children, all behaving nicely, and posing for their 'Summer of '07' picture.


Now here's the story behind the picture...

I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago, that my Picture People portrait club membership was going to expire in 2 days, and "Did I want to make an appointment?"

Now, my first response (in my head) was NOT ON YOUR LIFE! But I politely said "No thank you." and hung up.

(if you don't know read this.)

Well, I must have lost my mind, because after I hung up the phone, I began thinking...

Wait, I think I still have a free sheet and a $10 off coupon, Oh and I have another coupon for another free sheet and 15% off, That's equal to...3 free sheets! NO, NO, What am I thinking, we can't just UP and go to Town for pictures in 2 days. Wait, we're going to Town anyway tomorrow for haircuts, and Grammie is meeting us...I guess we could go do pictures after the haircuts, I mean, at least their hair will look good.

And that is how I COMPLETELY reasoned myself into another wonderful portrait session with my children.


So, the next day we went to Town. We got the haircuts, and proceeded to the Mall for pictures. After waiting for 10 minutes, we were escorted into the 'picture taking area' by a young, novice photographer.

How could I tell he was a novice? The blank stare I got, when I asked him where I should place the children, was my first clue. That was when the scary music started playing in my head.

We began to place the children...

Ellie, you sit here, No, here, Right HERE. Ok, Annie could you sit here? I know you don't want to sit by Ellie, but it's just for a picture, pleeease sweetie, Do you want some candy? OK, Grammie's got candy for you after you sit here, thank you sweetie. OK, Now Annie hold Austin right here. Ellie. sit still, I know you want to hold Austin, but right now it's Annie's turn. Ellie, calm down, Ellie! (warning tone) Behave young lady! If you want a treat after this you MUST do what we need you to do. Thank you! Now Ellie, sit here. NO, HERE. Thank You. Annie, back over here sweetie, good, now for Austin. Annie, hold him tight, NOT THAT TIGHT, DON'T CHOKE HIM! Like this sweetie, good...OK everybody smile, Ellie, sit up straight, ELLIE! Smile...Ellie, smile, don't make faces! SMILE...(click) Oh, that might have actually been an OK one! Austin was a little smushed looking, and Ellie was slouching, but maybe. Let's try another pose...

That's when it really went crazy. The novice photographer tried stacking my kids on top of each other! Not a good idea for ages 5, 3, and 10 months! Then, bless his heart, he just couldn't think of what to do next. I suggested using a stool for Austin stand by, but apparently they don't have stools anymore. So, he called for help, and another photographer came in. This one was much more experienced, and had 2 young kids of her own, and I thought "Good!" She tried basically the same pose, only this time had them sitting on benches. It was a good idea, but after the exact same scene above, it ended with Annie shoving Austin to the floor in a moment of frustration, which resulted in Austin screaming and a sizable knot forming on his head. We then took a short break. Another photographer came in, and if you're keeping count, yes, that would make 3 photographers now trying to take a picture of my little darlings!

Oh My.

After some discussion as to what would be the best pose, we began again. The first photographer manned the camera, which, by the way, he couldn't seem to figure out how to keep the lens on, and it kept crashing to the floor throughout the process. The second photographer got a rocking chair for Austin to sit in, but had me hold him until we were completely ready. The third photographer tried to keep the girls from fighting and provided direction for the first photographer. The second photographer patiently talked my girls into position, and then said "Now, put the baby in NOW! OHHH KAYYY, SMIIILLE...LOOK AT ME TICKLE MOMMY, LOOK AT THIIIIIS, I'M TICKLING MOOOMMMY! (crash! the lens hit the floor) EVERYBODY LOOK UP HEEERRRE, NOW I'M TICKLING GRAMMIE!!! OH, NOW IT'S MOMMY AGAIN...(click.)

And that was the picture that you see above.

After that, they moved us into a different area, and yet a fourth photographer continued to take pictures. Mostly of the kids individually, with some minor catastrophes and some successes. I won't give you that play-by-play, since this is already my longest post ever, and it took me 2 weeks to be able to write it! Just use your imagination, I'm sure you can picture it! (pun intended!)

Next time (yes, there will be a next time, since we must have Christmas cards!) I think I'll set up a video camera to capture the craziness. I really think we could win one of those "Funniest Home Video" awards! Our usual photographer, Sheri (whom we didn't use since she was almost 9 months pregnant!) agrees with me that our family is "the craziest family she takes pictures of!"

So, 3 hours and 4 photographers later, I went to pick up my pictures. As I was paying for the pictures, the second photographer said...

"Could I put your name on a list to call for a good family for training photographers? Your kids would be really good practice!"

Oh My Goodness!


Carissa said...

hilarious story with a great ending! what a RIOT!!! and BLESS your heart! but the picture turned out so cute!

Alana said...

I think you should charge them a significant sum for your photographer training services!

Janelle said...

I am sure your kids will love these stories when they grow up. F.U.N.N.Y stuff!