Friday, August 24, 2007

my soapy box

OK, I'm about to vent about something, so forgive ahead of time if this doesn't flow well...


This thing is driving me crazy, and I've only done it twice!

(For those of you who don't know what the "loop" is, I'll try and explain. It is a road that goes around 3 schools. It has one "driving" lane on the left, and one "pick-up" lane on the right, and it is one way.)

Yesterday I actually navigated it OKish, with help from my friend Dixie. And also some pure luck. Today, when I was actually earlier than I even intended (gasp!) It was a nightmare!

We were instructed to STAY IN OUR CARS in the loop. So WHY is everyone OUT OF THEIR CARS??? Seriously! I was in a line, where I was supposed to be, when I realize that the people in front of me are leaving their cars parked in the middle of the road, BLOCKING ME IN, and walking up to get their kids! So much for trying to follow the rules! Talk about road rage, it took all my self control not to start screaming at these people out my window! I was so frustrated! Finally someone came back to their car, and drove away, and I was able to get around the other parked cars and pick up my daughter. I would have parked and walked, like some smart friends of mine, except that I had 2 sleeping children in the car. I am just SO MAD I COULD SPIT! I realize that this may sound funny coming from me, since I am not always such a rule follower myself. But I am when it counts. Like if others are going to be negatively affected by my actions.

What is next months character trait?

Oh yeah, RESPECT!


Alana said...

Okay, knocking on wood.

So far, I haven't had too much trouble. Of course, Jen actually walked me through part of the process today via cell phone! Thanks, Jen.

I think I had low expectations, though, because of hearing all the loop horror stories.

dawn said...

Shelley-That loop IS a mother's nightmare. The worst part is the parents who park and get out. If everyone followed the rules, the loop would work. It will get better in a few days once everyone gets the hang of it. Early Release half days are the WORST.

Every year around this time Sonja M. and I have this very same conversation. It always begins with "WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS?!" "GET BACK IN YOUR CAR." We justify it in that maybe their kids are not smart enough to walk down the sidewalk and get into their car on their own. hee hee

Hang in there my friend!

shelley said...

Thanks Dawn, I'm glad I'm not the only frustrated mommy out there!

JP's MOM said...

Just wait and hopefully if the people keep getting out of their cars the principal will make her appearance. That really helped last year.

That is why I get there early...AJ sleeps and I read. imagine that peace and quiet for 45 minutes and I GET to read! Aah peace.

Janelle said...

I saw where you parked today...don't do that again. It never gets better from there. Park at the track so you can see the cars moving, then you can swoop in. You were trapped with no way out today.

Sorry, friend. Come join me at the track.

Anonymous said...

hey, you've got the burban. just ram them and scoot them out of your way! see, problem solved! hahahahaa.

shelley said...

yeah. already tried the "ramming" technique with Rich's car. It didn't turn out so well.