Friday, August 31, 2007

she's already smarter than her mama...

Speaking of fate...

Did I tempt her when I got a new vehicle, or what?

We've had our Suburban for 1 month.

So far I've managed to dent it, get pulled over for speeding in it, and ...

Run out of gas.


Today, after I picked up Ellie from school I finally remembered that I really needed to get gas. That little warning bell went off yesterday morning, and I just kept forgetting to get to the gas station! I even have the fancy-shmancy thingy that tells me how many miles I can go on a tank, but today all it said was...

Low Fuel Level.

Ok, I get it, I'm going.

So, after pick-up, I drove to the nearest gas station. I realized, as I circled the parking lot, that their gas was a bit more expensive than the one down the street. So, I started to head out of the parking lot when...

It died!

Right there, 10 feet away from the gas pump.

I couldn't believe it. I actually ran out of gas at the gas station!

I guess that's the place to do that!

Unfortunately, the hose wouldn't reach around to the other side of my car, so I had to go in and ask for help.

You should've seen the look on the guy's face! He got a good chuckle about my situation, and then graciously recruited help and pushed my car into place so I could pump gas.

Thank you gas station guys, Thank you.

As he helped me out he said...Don't these things come with a Low Fuel Level warning?

Yes, thank you for rubbing it in.

As we drove away, Ellie said...Next time you should get gas when that little bell goes off Mama.

Yes dear, thank you.


JP's MOM said...

Hmmm...I am really thinking you should join AAA!


It should tell you EXACTLY how many miles you have left. When it says Low Fuel Level, you should be able to hit your reset button to see exactly how much is left.

Alana said...

Mine tells me miles, and even goes for a little while after it hits zero.

Shh, don't tell my Dad!

Very funny story, Shelley! Thanks for sharing!!

Janelle said...

Skip's gage was wrong for awhile. He would run out when it was at 1/4th tank. Always in our garage. So his sister had to come help him everytime. Needless to say that after the 6th time of running out of gas, he got it fixed.

So glad you were at the gas station. I am sure that guy will remember you.

Carissa said...

bless your heart! so glad you were so close to help! funny story. that poor car - you are putting it thru the ringer early! : )