Tuesday, August 28, 2007

God knew I needed an easy one.

Can it really be this easy?

I hope I don't jinx myself be posting this, but I believe that...

Annie is potty trained!

She continues her reign as Easiest child EVER, at least for our household.

Don't hate me though, I've paid my dues!

Seriously, with Ellie, I thought I was going to go INSANE over the potty training thing. We started training Ellie when she was 2 1/2, she was finally trained at about 3 1/2.

One whole year of accidents and power struggles.

When she was about 3, Jason and I took her to Lowe's with us. I asked her over and over again..."Do you need to go potty?" And every time her answer was a firm "NO"! She was so FIRM about it, that I believed her.

Silly, silly me.

We were examining our choices for closet shelving. Ellie was standing in the cart, talking to her baby sister. All of a sudden, I realized that she had spread her legs. Realizing what was coming next, I said NO, ELLIE, DON'T ...

Yeah, she did.

Right in the middle of the shelving isle at Lowe's, A Big Puddle.

I thought Jason was going to die of embarrassment.

I, on the other hand, was just plain MAD!

(me) I asked you 14 times if you needed to go potty! Why didn't you say YES!

(Ellie) 'Cause I didn't need to go then.

(me) Why didn't you tell me that you needed to go?

(Ellie) I don't know.

After finding an employee and reluctantly explaining the situation, (thankfully he was very kind and had kids of his own!) I hauled her out to the car to get her cleaned up. This same scene repeated itself several times, in different locations. I didn't use Pull-ups, because she just used them as diapers. Sticker charts didn't work. Presents worked for awhile, but then ceased to encourage her. Honestly, I don't know what ended up happening, but around age 3 1/2, the accidents finally stopped for the most part.

So, I'm sure you understand why I was very reluctant to potty train Annie.

However, after kinda trying for about 2 months, she has kept her Dora panties dry for 4 straight days!

I love her phrasing..."Mommy! Pee Pee's comin'!"

Thank you Annie, for being so easy!

We did have one public accident with Annie, but that was more my fault than hers. She wasn't really in potty training mode, and I ran out of diapers, and then I forgot she didn't have a diaper on, and well...Don't worry, I cleaned the bouncy house myself with disinfectant!

Oh well, I guess that's all water under the bridge now.

Or pee pee under the shopping cart.

I guess it all depends on how you look at it!


Janelle said...

Honestly know how you feel. It took Z awile to get the poo poo. I got fat on the M&M's he would earn for doing his business. Finally. Finally, it clicked.

Lou was a breeze!

Alana said...

"It's all pee pee under the shopping cart."

New blog name?

Congrats! Now, that you are through it, can you send some good potty training vibes our way...cuz preschool starts in a WEEK!

JP's MOM said...

I do love our 2 sweet girls and the way they announce the pee pees a comin'. They are 2 peas in a pod!

Or maybe cousins as AJ put it!

Celeste said...

Haha Alana! Yay for Annie! You deserve it!

Rochelle said...

Okay. I so needed this laugh today! I'm not laughing at you, but WITH you. You are laughing right? :)

Every time I see Skittles, I think of pitty training because every time Keilani went "potty in the potty" she got a piece of candy! Thankfully, she learned pretty quickly before her teath rotted.

dawn said...

Yea for Annie. That is exciting news!