Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wild and Crazy

We had a wild and craaaazy night, my friends and I. Yes we did. Saturday night was filled with lots of food, and I mean LOTS. Also, tons of good girl talk, and so much laughter that my throat hurt the next day! And then, DA DA DAAA (read in scary music), then the cards came out.

And I mean CARDS!

Our dear hostess Carissa opened her drawer, and a few of us gasped! I've never seen so many decks of cards in a place that wasn't trying to take my money! I didn't get a picture, but it seems like someone else might have...if they did and they post it, I'll link to it.

(update: here is the card drawer!)

The Card Game was fast paced, hands flyin', voices shoutin', trash talkin', faces scrunchin', and SO MUCH FUN!

We had so much fun, in fact, that we are all dying to do it again!

30 emails, people, 30 emails between 5 people have been sent over the last 24 hours in regards to another Showdown at the Card Table!

Oh, we are wild and crazy!

If you'd like to read my friends blogs who also attended and blogged about it, just go here, here, here and here! There were some other famous bloggers there too, but for some reason, they haven't blogged about it. I'm pretty sure we've scared then with our competitive nature! (or maybe they think they have more important things to do than blog.) (can you tell the trash talk hasn't completely left my system?) Or maybe this friend, this friend, and this friend are just biding their time! There were also a couple of awesome blog readers there (aka: we haven't been able to bring them into bloggy world!)

Now I need to go brush up on my Solitaire skills...I'm pretty sure I didn't win, but Watch Out girls, I'll get ya next time!

(update: this friend and this friend, FINALLY got on board and blogged about our fun night!)


Carissa said...

really....a rematch can't come soon enough. i'm thinking christmas party. who is in? oh, and, you aren't winning. we ALL know i will win AGAIN! : )

Renee said...

You girls are so fun!! That's awesome that y'all get together and get crazy like that. Woo-hoo!

L2 said...

Oh Shelley! I LOVE NERTZ!! I say we bring into the game world of our family. The girls and I here play it a lot! hehe Glad you girls had a great time!

Alana said...

I'm so scared. I shakin' in my boots ;-)

I'm Tara. said...

Look at you -- leaving them with a "gonna gitcha". Rock on, Shelley! I'm glad you guys had so much fun!!

JP's MOM said...

I'm thinking NERTZ holiday style at my house in December!

JP's MOM said...

OK I am a goober, clearly not ready for the face paced game of NERTZ cuz I totally missed Carissa's comment!

GOOBER...for sure!

Janelle said...

I think I can take you all down! That is if I don't forget to blink and dry up my contacts like that Sahara Desert.

That would be the only reason I won't win next time.

Bring it.

Pam said...

OOOOOOO! A showdown, that would be fun.

nertzfan said...

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