Friday, November 9, 2007


We have this great tradition, my friends and I. When it's one of our birthdays, we celebrate with a Girls Night Out! We aren't a wild bunch (although on occasion the margaritas have come out!), but we CAN have some SERIOUS FUN! Tomorrow night is our night to celebrate this friend, and I CANNOT WAIT!

Top ten reasons I'm looking forward to tomorrow night:

1: This mommy gets an evening OFF!

2: My kids get to have some special Daddy Only time!

3: I don't have to cook dinner tomorrow!

4: I don't have to do dishes after dinner tomorrow!

5: I will laugh a LOT tomorrow night!

6: I will eat GOOD FOOD!

7: I will get to talk, and talk, and TALK to my friends, without being interrupted by the young ones!

8: I will eat Chocolate!

9: I will RELAX!

10: I will celebrate one of my dearest friends!


Renee said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to honor a friend!! And have a great time with the girls!!

I have always thought that I recharged by having alone time, but I am just now learning that while I need my time to myself, what really recharges me is time with my close friends. There's just something about friends!! (Especially when it involves several of them at once!)

I know I don't need to tell you this, but ENJOY!!! :) (And have something yummy for me!)

JP's MOM said...

If only we could do this more often!

Maybe we should start celebrating out HALF-BIRTHDAYS TOO!!!!!

Janelle said...

OH, Shelley!!

Thank you so much for the kind words. I can't wait either. It will be so fun.

I can't stop smiling!!!

Love ya!

Alana said...

You had me at #1.

See you tonight!

dawn said...

EEEEE..I am so excited. Love a night off with girlfriends.

Who's bringing their laptop so we can live blog this event?

Janelle said...

Dawn, too funny!

There seriously are a lot of famous bloggers coming tonight!

We could podcast it and give the Mama's some competition.

Carissa said...

podcast...what a riot! but i will be utilizing a TRIPOD so all our blogs can be well photo-documented with the big event.

i bet big mama wishes whe could be here! : )

dawn said...

Don't you know it. The mama's only wish they could be here. there's an idea...especially if there is cursin involved!

Janelle said...

What is a party without Carissa's tripod?

Lovin it!

dawn said...

Amen, sister.

Actually, it's Sparky's tripod.

Pam said...

Alana your comment made me laugh out loud! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!

Janelle said...

This night is going to rock!

Even if it doesn't, I sure have been loving our trash talk!

I'm Tara. said...

Wahhhhhhhhhh. (That's me, crying because I'm not there to enjoy #'s 1 - 10 with you.) Have fun. Way too much fun...that way you can send a little my way. :-)

p.s. - thanks for your kind words. I laughed that my blog title made you laugh because it is SO true. For instance - ummm, by the way, can I totally hijack your blog comments for a minute? Thanks! -- my almost 2 year old had a complete fit last night in the bathtub, claiming she was going to poop, demanding to sit on the potty and then freaking out when I attempted to help her do that. Then she insisted she wanted to sit on the elmo potty seat on the big toilet. Yeah -- her foot IN the toilet (and in her brother's pee that he didn't flush) was as close as we got. There ya go. No actual poop, but it all started with her shouts of "Joja POOP!!!!!"

Dang. Why didn't I blog about that???

Okay -- so this should have been an email but I don't have yours, so SORRY!!! :)

Enjoy your night out with the girls!!!

shelley said...

WOW! Ellie hijacked my computer for awhile, and I come back to this!!! I think the podcast is a FABULOUS idea! We could totally ROCK the Mama's!!! Less than 2 hours to go....Yipee!

And tara, You can hijack my comment box anytime! I TOTALLY feel for you my dear, TOTALLY!

Anonymous said...

Girls' Nights rule!

Judging by Janelle's post, you guys had a blast!