Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Too Cute!

Is there anything sweeter than 2 CUTE, 3 year old girls?

Yes, add in their matching pink blankies, bowls of popcorn, and "Dora saves the Mermaids", and you don't only have CUTE, but SUPER CUTE!

Or, give them each a Baby Alive doll to play with, and watch them pretend to be mommy and daddy!

OH MY, they are too sweet!

These girls were born 10 days apart. They are both smart, sassy, ADORABLE girls! And next year they get to attend pre-school together!

Thanks for coming to play at our house today AJ! Annie had a great time!


Alana said...

Uh-oh. Will would be so sad to know he missed out on Dora Saves the Mermaids. He asks to see that movie constantly. I really need to rent it!

Looks like they had a fun time!

JP's MOM said...

Thanks so much for keeping AJ for me!

OK flashforward 10 years and I can sooo picture the 2 of them sitting there exactly like they are watching music videos!

replace the blankies with oh so cute matching purses!

michelle said...

I would love to hear what they were talking about in the picture.

Carissa said...

little girls are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

oh they are precious!

Janelle said...

ahhhhhhh. too cute!

shelley said...

They had decided that AJ was the daddy, and Annie was the mommy, and they were feeding their babies lunch, that they had cooked in the play kitchen. It was one of those moments I pictured when I bought the "Way too Expensive, Pottery Barn Kids Kitchen!" I did NOT, however, buy the "Way too expensive Baby Alive dolls", those were gifts from Grandma's!