Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Steps

Ok, so now i am realizing why i haven't been doing much cooking lately, (well, at least one reason!) we seem to be busier than i realized! Since posting that I would cook 7 meals in a row, We have not eaten dinner at home, as a family ONCE!

Monday: we had a family birthday dinner.

Tuesday: we had a business meeting + dinner out. I did cook dinner for the kids last night, before hubby and i went out though.

Wednesday: (tonight) we have T-Ball! I am planning on cooking before T-ball, mainly because if I don't the fresh basil i bought will go bad!

Thursday: (tomorrow) the girls will be spending the night at Grammie's house, and therefor eating dinner there.

Friday and Saurday: the girls will be at Grammie's too, Have I mentioned that my mother is a saint?

Sunday: as of right now i am planning on making Rotisserie chicken with grilled potatoes and grilled zucchini.

So, i am not counting this as a total failure. We haven't had fast food since monday at lunch, and i'm going to try to make it the rest of the week too. And tonight's menu is Chicken Quesadillas and Summer Squash with Fresh Basil and Grape Tomatoes.

Baby steps, people, baby steps.

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Janelle said...

So proud of you, Shelley! I love that you are making a commitment to live healthier. I hope we can keep encouraging each other in that way.