Monday, July 9, 2007


Ahhh the sounds of a happy home:

"mommy! come here Right NOW!" (Ellie)
"ARRRRGGGHHHH (scream) I want my WOOF WOOF!" (Annie)
"mommy cut the tag off!!!" (Ellie)
"Ellie won't let me jump on the washcloth." (Annie)
"I'm Hungry!" (Ellie)
"Mommy come look at me!" (Ellie)
"I let the puppies in!" (Annie)


Anonymous said...

glad it's you and not me!!!! hehaha!
when do you wanna go out of town???

Janelle said...

I am hearing thumping and secret plans to snarf the M&M's. I should go stop it, but I don't want to. Because you know why?

THEY AREN'T FIGHTING!! Let them eat all the M&M's if that is the case.

Alana said...

sounds familiar...

I love how when I read these posts about the things our chidren say, I can hear their little voices as I'm reading it.

Celeste said...

It's amazing how universal those are, well except the washcloth one!