Saturday, July 28, 2007

I must choose my other hobby for a bit.

I am scrapbooking this weekend.

This was my original hobby, well, unless you count cross-stiching, but I gave that up long ago.

Scrapbooking has taken a back seat to blogging lately, not that I did much of it at home before I started blogging.

After several mishaps that involved some or all of the following: my children, drinks, siscors, markers, my layouts, my pictures, stickers on top of stickers. . .

I have resorted to only scrapbooking outside the home.

But today I shall return to my first love of hobbying, for a while anyway. I am off to a "scrapbooking retreat."

It's just down the road.

I really do enjoy it. It gives me an outlet for my "artsy" side, and it allows me to preserve my memories in a way that I enjoy.

It's also quiet, with lots of chocolate and coca-cola. Ahhhhh.

I will return to bloggy land soon, just as soon as I finish 19 more layouts.


Janelle said...

Oh, I am sooooooo jealous. Hope you get a lot done!

dawn said...

Me too me too...I Am green with envy!

Drink a big coke for me and have loads of fun!

Alana said...

You'll be missed!

Anonymous said...

hey! sorry i haven't commented in a while. i haven't had a chance to read your blog since i've been so busy with my new job and we were out of town visiting jenny at her new house, which is very nice, by the way. her kids are sooo cute!! just wanted to say i loved the blog about annie. she's super adorable and i miss yall!!!!