Saturday, July 21, 2007

monk and neagle!!!

how cool! when i checked my email this morning (which is the first time i've checked it in like 3 days 'cause i've been WAY to busy) i found an email saying that i'm getting a monk and neagle cd for free! i was surprised because when i went to boomama's blog the other day and tried to get one, they said they were all out. however, they said to go ahead and sign up just in case they could give away more, so, i signed up. of course i totally did not expect to get one, i mean, they can't give them away to everyone. or maybe they can! anyway, that made me a happy mommy, i love good music. i can't wait to get my new cd, thanks monk and neagle, and thanks boomama! below is monk and neagle's link, check it out!

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