Friday, July 13, 2007

bloggin' on

Ok, I'm running out of time because I've been reading everybody elses wonderful posts from the last couple of days.

Oh, and Ellie has interrupted me about 216 times!

Anyway, I have lots to say, and not much time, soooo. . .Here's the world's longest run-on sentence!

I'm tired, we've had late nights and early mornings for a few days now and we are all tired, well except for annie, 'cause she's napping now, and austin 'cause he can sleep anywhere, but me, i'm tired!

(oops, new sentence!)

we went car shopping yesterday, i'm not sure how many dealerships we actually visited, but it felt like 269 or so, and did we buy a car, after hours of looking and haggling and driving and haggling some more. . .nope, we didn't buy squat, except of course for the tank of gas we burned through, and some really not-so-good chicken for lunch, and some pretty good Chinese for dinner! Ok, enough with the run-on sentence thing, i just can't keep it up.

Did i mention that yesterday was my darling hubbie's 30th b-day? Yep, it sure was, the big 3-0! He's not so happy about this one, and that's an understatement! I think his friends are planning a little "guy time" and I think that that is a VERY good thing. He needs it! And lest you fear that I might be spoiling a surprise by posting this, don't worry, He rarely reads my Blog. Only when I ask/beg him to do so, which I won't this week so he won't see this!
Annnyway, So we went fruitlessly shopping for a car on hubbies birthday, had a terrible lunch and a pretty good dinner, and then went to a birthday party.

But, not for him.

For Richie! Our dear, sweet, 6 year old friend! And to tell you the totally honest, true-as-can-be, truth of the matter, Hubby had more fun at Richie's party than he would have at one of his own! He played Jedi Smackdown with the little boys and the big boys, and had a BLAST!

So, our day ended well after all. I love happy endings!


Janelle said...

Car shopping can be brutal, especially if you don't buy one.

What Chinese did you eat?

Alana said...

It was really an honor that J spent his special day helping us celebrate ours!