Tuesday, July 17, 2007

tomorrow, tomorrow, i'm scared of tomorrow. . .


Wanna know why?

I have a list of over 30 things that need to go with us when we leave our house at 8:45 am tomorrow.


This will be our day:

8:45: Leave home (ok, let's be realistic, we'll actually leave at 8:55) to take Ellie
to Bible school. Drop Ellie off at Bible school 10 minutes late. She'll be
wearing her favorite jersey so her Bible school team can earn
more "points." May I just take this moment to say Thank You God
for Bible school! It has been a much needed activity for Ellie this week!

9:15: Take Annie to gymnastics. We'll probably arrive 5 minutes late, since
we were 10 minutes late to Bible school. For the next 40 minutes I'll
wrestle with Austin while watching Annie and talking with friends.

10:00: Honestly, I'm not sure what we'll be doing from 10-11:45, the options
are almost endless. Go visit daddy, come home for a bit, Go to Target,
Go to the outlet mall. . .Take a nap, Oh wait, I was dreaming there for a

11:45: Drop Austin off at Nana's. I decided to call her for help so that the next
phase of our day might go smoother. Here's hopin'!

12:00: Pick up Ellie at Bible school.

12:10: Drive thru fast food restaraunt of choice, probably Mc. Donald's, for a
quick lunch. I WILL NOT confess to how many meals we have eaten out
for this week, don't even ask!

12:30: Arrive at White Water, the local water park.

1:00: Meet up with the greatest group of friends ever known for a few hours of
Summer fun! Proceed to change myself, Ellie and Annie into swimsuits,
and get us sunscreened so we don't burn to a crisp!

1:00 - 4:00: Have lots of FUN!

4:30: Head back to Nana's to get Austin, and change myself and the girls into
T-Ball appropriate clothing.

5:30: Play Ball! The team is SO cute!

6:30: Drag our exhausted selves somewhere for dinner, possibly with equally
exhausted friends.

8:00: Change kids into pj's after dinner and drive home.

8:20: Arrive home with 3 sleeping children.

9:00: After placing sleeping children in their beds, and unpacking the 4 bags of stuff that got us through the day, we fall into our own beds!

Wish us luck! Since most of my readers will be with me, you're probably preparing for your own crazy day! At least we're crazy together!


JP's MOM said...

Wow that'll be a day. Thank goodness I made a no swimming on game days rule about 3 years ago...or I'd be having a wacky day like that! GOOD LUCK!

Janelle said...

I guess I need to empty my car from all the junk I needed today before I can load it with all the junk I need tomorrow, then unload, load, unload, load, unload, load. Keep repeating until I go crazy!

Alana said...

Is that supposed to encourage me to go to? I'm having second thoughts...

Plus, you forgot to mention the fact that we have to wear a bathing suit, which is always at the top of my list of favorite things to do.

Oh, AND the potential evacuation of the wave pool...

Celeste said...

This is making me really appreciative of having really young ones! They don't know that they are missing out on!

shelley said...

Oh yeah, I am SOOO looking forward to doning the bathing suit. Especailly since we KNOW there will be some "supermodel" moms there!

michelle said...

I'm worn out just reading about your day! I hope you started it with a cafe mocha!