Saturday, October 20, 2007

Up and Running

Well, I thought I had the picture thing figured out...but no.

Maybe tomorrow.

I did, however, get a nice new photo slide show going.

In all my bloggy insanity, I somehow lost all the extra "stuff" that I had on my blog...the photo thingy, the music thingy, the little banners...

all gone.

But I think I'm OK with that...Sometimes you just need to simplify.

I did get my favorite blogger list back up, 'cause you know y'all are that important!

So, stay tuned...Maybe I'll figure this picture thing out yet!


Celeste said...

In photobucket after, uploading your picture, click on the desired picture, and then "resize" in the tab bar. I use the "website, email" size for my blog. Then you just use the html tag to paste on your blog.

Hope that helps! And I'm loving the changes!

Janelle said...

I love the dots but never could figure out how to make my title go across the top. Good job!

Isn't it fun to be so tech savvy.

Pam said...

I love all the pictures of your beautiful kids.

Carissa said...

love the new set up!!!

Sarah Markley said...

just by definition a blogger can't really be computer illiterate. way to go on the cool photobucket slide show!