Saturday, October 6, 2007

4 out of 5...

It has claimed us one by one.

The Stomach Flu.

Jason was first, his case was mild.

Austin was next, he's just been sleeping a lot.

It got me last night in the middle of the night. So far, I'd say I have a moderate case.

And Ellie, poor Ellie, she was claimed last night also, at Grammie's house. She's definitely had it the worst. I pray that she's better tomorrow. I hate to see my babies sick.

Annie has miraculously been fine. She's back at Grammie's tonight. I'm hoping we can keep her well.

It's either that, or we just spread our joy to another household.


Alana said...

Oh Shelley! I'm so sorry to hear you all have been sick. The stomach flu is the worst! I hope it passes quickly for all of you!

Janelle said...

SO SORRY! We had 3 out of 4 here at our house. It was awful!

Hope it runs away quickly.

dawn said...

So sorry!

Hey-Did you hear that your question was answered on the Big-Boo podcast? They talked and laughed all about your question. You are a STAR!

Carissa said...

feel better fast!!!! austin's party pics were adorable by the way! and if i had any idea what a podcast was i would be very impressed with dawn's comment!

Laney said...

oh shelley, i heard you were all sick from earl! i hope you all get to feeling better VERY soon! and, please don't spread it to my household! ;-)