Friday, October 5, 2007

how did a year already go by?

On September 21st, Austin, my last baby (sigh), turned 1 year old.

I'm finally ready to admit that, and therefore, finally ready to do my post about his birthday!

It's bittersweet. My baby is growing into a toddler. He's very busy, always wanting to explore his environment, and get into everything! He's starting to say some words, and express his opinion when his sister's get too bossy! He's sweet and adorable, and absolutely steals my heart everyday! Here are some of my favorite pictures from his "family" party.

He wasn't quite sure how to tackle the mountain of presents, but with a little help from mommy, family, and friends, he figured it out!

This giant puppy dog was a gift from my parents, and Austin LOVES it! Daddy has affectionately named him Chopper.

I think he enjoyed being the center of attention!

This was the cake I made for everybody at the party! In case you don't know, he has a "grease monkey" themed bedroom, with lots of car stuff and lots of license plates...hence, the cake.

This was his "personal" cake that daddy made him. It's a Tire cake, with a shiny wheel, sitting on a bed of Oreo "asphalt"!

Daddy gave Austin his special cake, but Austin wasn't too sure...

...actually, he HATED it! He fussed and cried until we finally gave up and took him out of his high chair.

Thinking he might be cold, and possibly frightened by the large number of people cheering him on to eat his cake, we moved him to the dining room, and put a shirt on him, and tried again...

...nope! We finally figured out that he REALLY didn't like that cake! So, we tried a piece of the other cake...

...and he was MUCH happier! I'm not sure why he was scared of the first cake, maybe the dark frosting? Oh well, he did eat the second piece of cake, but preferred the bowl...

And then he washed it all down with some yummy milk!

By that time he'd had enough of this whole "party" thing...

...and was ready to get cleaned up!

It was a great party, and a wonderful celebration of this little boy who has claimed our hearts! We love you Austin Cooper!


JP's MOM said...

He is a cutie.

LOVED THE license plate cake ...way too cute!

Alana said...

Precious! Love the "had enough" pic and the cake was awesome. You go, girl!

dawn said...

The cakes were darling! I am so impressed. I might have to steal that license plate idea for a birthday sometime. Love it! You are quite the party giver!

Anonymous said...

ahhh he's so cute and he looks like a little man!!!

Teresa said...

I thought I already commented on this...guess not!

I too enjoyed the cakes and am in awe at your creativity! It's hard to believe he's already a year old! He's such a big stud!

Love all the pics of Austin covered in cake. Those 1st birthday parties are great!