Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Talk about your ups and downs.

We've had, well...an interesting day.

Ellie had a small oral surgery this morning. An upper labial frenectomy, to be exact. It's a simple procedure, they just clipped a little muscle at the top of her gum line, that caused her two front teeth to spread apart. She, of course, wasn't thrilled at the prospect, but after mommy bribed her with Moon Sand (God help me!) she accepted it.

Everything went fine. I got a kick out of her as the "Happy Juice" made her relax. She was talkative and giggly. She went under anesthesia for the procedure. Once she was "out" they were done in 15 minutes.

It was the coming home part that got interesting.

I made the mistake of thinking we could make a quick trip through the grocery store to get a few things for her to eat. Ice Cream, popsicles, soup... Ideally I would have already done this, but it's been a crazy week. She was acting okay, so I decided to stop. Everything was fine, and we were almost done, when she started to slump.


I'm not quite sure why, but it was as if the anesthesia kicked back in. As we checked out, she started to get belligerent. Once we were in the car, her head rolled around until I propped her up with a pillow. At home I carried her, all 72 pounds of her, into the house, and tried to get her into my bed. All of a sudden she was screaming at me that SHE WAS NOT TIRED. She swung her arms to hit me, but missed by a mile.

The next few hours brought many strange behaviors...reaching for things that didn't exist, asking the same questions over and over again, asking me if she was dreaming, wondering why her legs wouldn't wake up. She alternated between almost falling asleep, and getting very loud and mad at me, for about three hours. Finally, about half way through a movie, she started seeming "normal" again. Still very emotional, but much better. By dinner time, she seemed even better, and at bedtime she was back to her old self again.


I think it's safe to say that she doesn't take anesthesia well! I think maybe it's her personality. She HATES to not be in control of things, so I can only imagine how all of this felt to her. I hope she wakes up feeling much better tomorrow. I am one tired mommy. And I pray she never has to have anesthesia again! At least not when mommy's the recovery nurse!


dawn said...

WOW, Shelley! Next time she has a procedure done, make sure to tell them this happened. I react badly too, to being put under, as an adult. I cannot imagine being a child and going through it.

Poor, you!

Darlene R. said...

I think that would have scared me a little! Great job on making it through the wearing-off stage!

Hope you get a good nights rest! :)

Janelle said...

I hope you are sipping a margarita by now.

Love you!

Carissa said...

girl, that would have FREAKED ME OUT! glad she is on the mend! hope today is great!

Alana said...

Hope she is feeling better today!!!

JP's MOM said...


I would have had to drive around until husband was home to unload her! :)

You got some muscles!

Fran said...

Anesthesia is a crazy thing huh???
I'm glad your baby is ok.

Have a great afternoon.

Sarah Markley said...

wow... really, wow. you are a brave mama!

Laney-Lou said...

Oh Shell I'm so sorry...and I feel bad for Ellie too! Some people just don't take well to anesthesia. Although, don't forget some of those stories because they are always funny to whip out now and again. If I haven't told you my "don't go into the light" story, I've got a good one for ya! ;-) Hope you are ALL feeling better today! LOVE YOU!

Jamie said...

I am glad that she is feeling better now. You are one brave mama.