Monday, July 14, 2008

One of THOSE days.

I just realized it's Monday.

That makes sense.

We've been having one of those days today.

A day when my children don't want to listen.

A day my son breaks something at Papa and Nana's.

A day I had to take all three kids to the grocery store.

A day when the laundry pile overwhelms me with it's size.

A day when I'm tired of being on the big "D".

I really have no one to blame besides myself. I over scheduled us the last several days. My kids haven't gone to bed before 11pm in 4 nights. It's summertime craziness at it's best. This week looks much calmer, and for that I'm grateful. I'm planning on lots of pool time for my kiddos, and bedtimes around 8pm.

Maybe the lady that sat in front of us at the baseball game last night was having one of those days.

Y'all should have seen her.

Alana did.

Austin was a little active, and bumped the lady and her husband a few times with his foot/hand/hat. After I received several looks from them, I tried to reign him in a little.

And he screamed.


You'd have thought by the lady's reaction that someone blew a train whistle in her ear.

I have never seen anything like it.

Until he screamed again.

I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

I'm sure she had perfect children.

Who never screamed.

Or like I said, maybe she was just having one of those days.



dawn said...

Eat some ice cream and forget the big D. That always makes me forget about trips to the grocery store and ladies with perfect children.

Janelle said...

Sorry friend for the rude lady. I sure love you, though.

Celeste said...

I guess I can't relate to this post since my children are perfect angels.

Did I mention that Luke had FOUR incident reports last week for biting other children at day care? Hope that makes you feel better. :)

Alana said...

No, she was just downright rude. That's okay, though, because we got her back with the frozen lemonade...even if she didn't know it ;-)

Earen said...

I don't like rude people...Ya, I'm sure she had perfect kids...ha! Sorry you had to deal with that.

Fran said...

Did you say "stupid lady" under your breath like I said "stupid coach" under my breath?!

Ha ha ha ha ha....we aren't like that!