Monday, July 28, 2008

Sometimes I Think My Life Might Make A Good Reality Show.

I wish you could see my house right now.

Or maybe I don't.

I guess if I really wanted you to see it, I'd go get my camera and take some pictures or video to go along with this post.

But I'm not.

I don't have the energy to find my camera right now.

I was parenting solo tonight. At the last minute a friend called Jason and asked him to go see a movie. I sent him with my blessing, he needs more nights like that. Anyway, in the process of parenting house was destroyed.

The decorative balls from the dining room vases are in three different rooms.

The couch cushions have been rearranged into some sort of fort.

The playroom looks like a tornado hit it.

There are dirty dishes in the sink.

There are boxes of foil/saran wrap/wax paper in the living room.

There pieces of glue covered paper stuck to the craft table.

There are wet diapers and dirty clothes on my bed.

All of this happened in 3 hours.

Even I am shocked.

There is some good news.

They are asleep.


Jamie said...

I am glad you survived your night. It is such a nice feeling when they finally fall asleep.

michelle said...

I love that quiet time after the kids are asleep. That is my time to relax. The dishes will still be there the next day. Enjoy your alone time!

Alana said...

It IS amazing the destruction that can befall a home in such a short amount of time when there are children involved!

Earen said...

I was solo for a bit last night & what is it about the evening being the time for destruction from the kiddos. I guess I can somewhat keep it together all day & by the time evening hits...well, I'm done.

Darlene R. said...

I can so feel your pain! I remember those days of telling myself that I would just clean it up when they went to sleep. The problem was that I was too stinkin' tired to pick it up after they went to sleep!

willblogforshoes said...

You gotta love some kids who know how to make good use of those decorative balls!

Renee said...

Oh, the number of times I have sat down on the couch (or, in actuality, collapsed) and looked around at a trashed house, wondering how such little people can make such a big mess.

I too am SOOO thankful for sleeping children. :)

Janelle said...

But then, they wake up.......