Saturday, September 8, 2007


(thank goodness for meme's!)

I'm having a bloggy blockage...I know it happens to the best of us! Anyway, I've been meaning to do this meme that Carissa started, so here goes...

Accent: I don't think I used to have one, but since living a bit farther south, I think my "twang" has gained a bit of strength!

Drink: Starbucks Mocha Latte, Coca-Cola

Chore I hate: Dishes!

Pets: 2 dogs: Elvis is a 7 year old lab/bird dog mix (we think); Chester is a 5 month old Border Collie, they both live outside. 1 cat, Daisy Duke, she's 10 years old and as feisty as ever, she lives inside with us.

Essential Electronics: Computer, TV with Tivo, iPod, Cell Phone!

Perfume: Elige, by Mary Kay

Gold or Silver: usually silver, but I like gold too.

Insomnia: Not usually.

Job Title: Mommy, housekeeper, chauffeur, financial advisor, nurse, home management expert!

Most Admired Trait: friendly, and sometimes I have good hair.

Kids: Ellie age 5 1/2, Annie age 3, Austin age (almost) 1!

Phobia: creepy crawly things.

Religion: I'm a Christian! I was born and raised southern baptist, and now attend an awesome non-denominational church.

Siblings: 0

Time I wake up: Well, now that Ellie's in school, I usually wake up at 6:15am. However, I tend to go back to bed after Daddy takes her to school, and sleep until one of the other's wake me up! Usually around 8:00am.

Unusual Talent/Skill: I can High March while playing the clarinet in 100+ degree weather!

Vegetable: Red Bell Peppers

Worst Habit: Picking at my feet.

X-rays: ankle (fell at church camp), collar bone/neck (fell at a church youth retreat, and a car wreck), 8 ultrasounds for the babies, arm (fell down my front steps), I fall a lot!

Favorite Meal: My moms roast with potatoes and carrots...I've tried to make it just like her, but it's never as good!

OK, tag, you're it, if you want to be!


Janelle said...

You always have rockin' hair!

I am with you on the roast meal. My mom's is scrumptious. Mine is edible.

dawn said...

You do have great hair. Can you share some with me?

I never knew you were an only child. So fun to get to know you better.

I think you should have steered clear of church camp.

Alana said...

Yes, definitely great hair. As I mentioned not too long ago, I love how you can put it up in all kinds of different ways and everyone looks good! I need an updo tutorial from you!

Also, agree on the roast, potatoes, and carrots meal. Mine turns out pretty good, but my Mom's is always better!

Carissa said...

loved getting to know more about you. like dawn...i did not know you were an only child. can't wait to check out your hair next time i see you. i need TIPS...PLEASE!!!!