Monday, September 24, 2007

I wonder what the ENT would say?

I think my children might have a hearing problem.

Why? You ask. are some examples from today:

This morning I asked Annie if she needed to go potty before we left the house, she acted like she didn't hear me, so I assumed her answer was, No. Then I had to tell her several times to get in the car before she seemed to hear me. Once we were in the car, she immediately pee peed in her car seat, which leads me to the realization that she obviously must have a hearing problem, since she apparently didn't hear me ask her to go potty earlier.

Of course it just couldn't be that she hears and chooses not to listen.

Not my child.

Then, this afternoon after school, I took the kids for some ice cream. It was a special treat to reward Ellie for having been "caught having good character" at school. I joyfully headed to the DQ with all 3 kids, and called Michelle on my way to see if they could join us. All was well, until Michelle and the girls arrived. The only logical explanation I can fathom for the behavior that then ensued, is that the sugar from the ice cream must have caused their ears to stop working. Repeated attempts at telling them to sit down/be quiet/stop messing with your sister/stop laying on the floor/ ...or we will leave, I'm not even kidding, we WILL leave! ...seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Honestly, I'm concerned.

I mean, my children would never just ignore me.


However, after we arrived home, and punishment was doled out for the bad behavior at the DQ, their hearing did seem to return.

Hmmm, interesting.


Reza said...
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Janelle said...

Can we get a group discount if we take all the children at one time? Cuz, if family will be there.

Yay! Ellie for a great day!

Carissa said...

i'm CERTAIN it is a physical problem. maybe wax build up! : )

Alana said...

Didn't you hear? There is a rare hearing disorder unique to the children in the Ozarks.

Sarah Markley said...

In my house we call this "hyper-focus". I seriously think that my oldest really doesn't hear me sometimes. And, then, of course, there are the times she does ignore me. Does this apply to husbands too? =)

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious.

dawn said...

Kids usually behave better when they have had Cold Stone ice cream. There is something about DQ that makes them misbehave even more.

Next time you will know better.

shelley said...

Oh Dawn, I SOOOO tried to talk her into Cold Stone! She had her mind SET on DQ, and I kept telling her that Cold Stone had cookie dough too, and lots of other really good stuff, but NOOO, she wanted the DQ. I have to tell you, that I will NOT be going back there. Not because of her behavior, but because of the poor service! The next time we're going out for ice cream, we're going to Cold Stone...I learned my lesson!

Darlene R. said...

Hi Shelley! I don't know that I have ever left a comment on your blog before. This post is so funny, to me anyway, probably not so much to you! That hearing disorder has spread to Indiana too. I really don't know when it clears up because my 10 year old still suffers from it!