Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some things just can't be explained...

Wow, I'm blogging!

Why does this surprise me?

Well, for one thing, we have 5 kids here today.

For another, we're having a party at 4:30 today.

What happened to me? I used to stress over the birthday parties to the point of mental and emotional breakdown! Today, I am calm, collected, and relaxed! I think in my 5 years of party planning, I have mellowed a bit. I also contribute my oddly relaxed state to better organizational skills.

I'm excited about the party. Austin turned one year old on Friday, and I've been looking forward to celebrating that! I can't wait to help him open his presents and place his "Tire" cake in front of him! I love first birthdays! It is bittersweet though. My last 1st birthday. Well, at least until I'm a grammie!

OK, so seriously, it is oddly calm here.

Baron and Ellie are watching Charlotte's Web.

Tessa and Annie are playing quietly.

Austin is asleep.

The cakes are made.

We're ordering pizza.

The house is clean.

The laundry is caught up.

The dishes are caught up.

I look pretty good.

All on the day of MY CHILD'S birthday party.

With hours to go.

This is a weird, weird feeling.

Maybe I oughtta go knock on some wood.


Alana said...

You are the WOMAN!

Happy birthday, Austin!

Janelle said...

It is the calm before the storm? Or is it all good?

Happy Birthday, Austin! I wanted to wait to wish you Happy Birthday, because the early wish prompts people to think you are losing it. :)

Two days left, Michelle. Then I will really say Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

hope the party went well!!!

Carissa said...

1st birthdays are THE BEST! feeling organized beforehand...priceless!

hope all went well!