Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Sunday Morning Routine

This morning we went to church.

If you saw us there, we looked pretty normal, but before church...

I told Ellie her hair needed some help, which made me "THE WORST MOMMY IN THE WORLD!"

Annie couldn't decide what to wear, and got mad when I made her wear the third outfit of the morning.

Daddy smacked Ellie's plate in the car (out of frustration over her bad attitude), thinking it was empty. It wasn't.

Food flew in Ellie's hair.

World War 3 broke out.

Austin told jokes, mostly with words like "butt", "fart", and "toilet".

We arrived at church 5 minutes late. I threw coats at the kids as they stumbled out of the car, while telling them it was time to straighten up, "We're at CHURCH now!".

As I pulled on my own jacket, I noticed the sleeve was stuck to the front with some sort of sticky substance. Nice.

We walked into church, as one big HAPPY family, as the greeter opened the door for us, and reached out to give Austin a high 5.

Austin formed a gun with his hand and pretended to shoot him. And then three other strangers.

We dropped the kids in their respective classes and made our way into the sanctuary.

And sang praise songs.



Janelle said...

SUnday mornings bring out the worst for the Miller's, too. Why is that??

Jamie said...

We have a major problem keeping it together on Sunday mornings. It is the enemy, I think. So glad I usually feel much better after I actually get to church (late). I hope you do too.

MarytheKay said...

Amen, Sister Shelley!!

I've found that if we start the day out with a devotional, and focus on having positive attitudes, Sunday mornings really are happy times at our house...

BWAAAHHHHHAAAAA, just kidding!!! I sure WISH I had the Sunday morning answer... :-)

Brenda said...

Sunday mornings growing up were a mess and now with a family of my own it is a mess again. I think Jamie is right it is the enemy trying to discourage us from going to church.