Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ice skating 101.

2011 is the year we decided to try Ice Skating!

Our fun loving group of friends went ice skating in January. It turned out to be "plastic skating" (instead of ice it was a plastic floor that mimics ice), which was news to all of us, but the kids had a blast anyway. Actually, I think the plastic ice was a bit easier for the kids to learn on. It was a great night!

A few weeks later our kids got to try their new found skills out on some real ice in Kansas City! It was fun, but definitely harder! I put my ice skates on and took each of the kids out for a turn. They had fun, and really did pretty good for novices! I was super proud of them!

I'm excited that we introduced our kids to ice skating this year! Great memories were made!


Alana said...

How fun that you followed it up with real ice skating! It was a fun night!

Janelle said...

Love the photo collages. How fun! I didn't know you went in KC. Cool!