Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Super Brave Girl!

Well look who got her ears pierced!

We've had an interesting week, including a visit to Urgent Care for Ellie to get 3 staples in her head. Poor girl. She and Annie were getting ready to use the Easy Bake oven, when she jumped to reach something in an upper kitchen cabinet. Her head smacked the corner of the cabinet door. Hard. It's one of those moments as a mom you never want to happen. Looking up to see blood everywhere as you hear "My head is bleeding mommy...!". It was pretty bad, and so my sweet girl had to go through the trauma of staples.

After it was all done, I jokingly said something about getting her ears pierced would be a walk in the park compared to staples.

Little did I know she was really listening, and seriously considering it. A month ago when Annie got hers done, Ellie was terrified to do it. But after the staples, she decided it really didn't sound to bad afterall!

So she did it! I am proud of her for making it through staples, and pierced ears!

If you can't tell, she got Hello Kitty earrings! They are adorable!

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Janelle said...

Every girl needs some bling! Love that she was brave enough, but hate that she had to have staples. That really stinks!