Monday, March 14, 2011

American Girl!

The reason we chose to make a little trip for Ellie's birthday...

Oh where was this store when I was a little girl?

I think that's why this store gets away with charging what they do. (which is insane!) The mothers are living vicariously through their daughters.

Proof. The day before we headed to KC, I found a hat that was almost identical to the one that came with Annie's doll, Julie. I couldn't NOT buy it! I mean, look...

Pure cuteness!

I mean, tiny flip flops? Check.

Itty bitty eyeglasses? Check.

Matching swimsuits for your six year old and her doll? Double check.

Pierced ears for your doll to match your own. Well of course!

The stuff is just too adorable.

We had a blast. Well, after the girls got over their bad attitudes we had a blast. Oh mercy was I mad at them. In retrospect though, I can understand why they were behaving like..well, like children. We were all pretty tired by the time we made it to this fabulous place. But after about 30 minutes the magic of the store set in, and we couldn't get enough!

Seriously, between Grammie, Nana, and myself, I lost count of how many times we visited the cash registers. I like to think that we were just doing our part to boost the economy. It helps me sleep at night. :)

The girls ended up being thrilled with their experience in the American Girl store, and want to know when we get to go again.

Daddy says after they get jobs.

Mommy wants to go tomorrow.



Alana said...

So fun! One of you is going to have to invite me along sometime! Otherwise, I may have to wait until I have a granddaughter!

JP's MOM said...

Too Fun! Love that store.

Janelle said...

Everything about this trip is lovely! Happy Birthday to sweet Ellie!