Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Brave Girl!

Annie asked if she could get her ears pierced a year ago, when she was 5. I said yes...then distracted her with candy. It wasn't that I thought she was too young, I had my own ears pierced at 5. I just froze as I thought about voluntarily putting my daughter in pain!

The subject of ear piercing came up again as we planned our trip to Kansas City. A good friend had hers pierced in the same mall we were going too, where she also got her American Girl's ears pierced at the American Girl store. I mean, how cute is that?! So I agreed that anyone who wanted to, could have their ears pierced, and their dolls ears pierced, on our trip.

Ellie thought about it, but decided she wasn't quite ready. Annie however, was more than ready.

My girl hopped in that chair, and didn't even flinch when the girl with the rock star hair pierced her ear. I was prepared for tears. I was prepared to have to talk her in to having the second ear pierced. (rock star girl was the only one working, so they couldn't do both ears at once). But I was wrong. The whole thing was over and done before I knew it, and Annie did great! My brave girl didn't shed a tear! I was so proud of her. And now she is sporting some precious pink crystal flower earrings!

And in the last month since she's had pierced ears, she's bought several pairs of earrings. None of which she can wear for a couple more weeks. Some (dangly ones) that she can't wear for months! But does that matter? Nope. She's a girl that likes accessories!

We may be in trouble. ;-)

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