Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5 minutes.

In 5 minutes, one two year old boy...

gets out of his bed,

pours out the toy boxes in his room,

opens his door,

runs down the hall to mommy at the computer,

steals a dvd from the desk,


to the family room,

pulls all the throw pillows off the couches,

swipes the magazines off the ottoman,

opens the tv cabinet,

breaks the dvd in half,


wiggles out of his dirty diaper which lodges in the bottom of his footie pj's,

leaves a puddle on the floor,

and several wet foot prints behind him as he runs,

before mommy catches him.

Good Morning.


JP's MOM said...


I covered my belly as i read that in hopes my boys will not participate in the "Austin's Antics"


Janelle said...

That about sums up the first five minutes at my house when he was here the other day. Minus the diaper. He didn't do that. But he is the fastest baby I HAVE EVER KNOWN.

Jamie said...

eye-yi-yi. That's all I can say.

Laney-Lou said...

WOWSERS!!! I know how you feel...uggg.

Alana said...

He's a pistol. That's all there is to it ;-) But a cute one!

Darlene R. said...

Wow! That is one active kid! The diaper in the footie pj's... ouch!

Teresa said...

Love, love, love the play by play! It's amazing how much a little boy can destroy in such a small amount of time, insn't it? Austin is such a sweetheart and is so all boy...I just love him! I love all the "Austin Antics" you post makes me feel like some of the stuff Eli has done/will do is normal!

michelle said...

He would be great on an obstacle course! :) It truly is amazing how fast he is!

katemcdonald said...

I had to laugh and then wonder if you were somehow spying on my house when you wrote this! I have a 17 month old who follows a very similar pattern in the morning! *grin*

katemcdonald said...

thanks for visiting my blog worries ! you are not alone *grin*

Fran said...

My puppy can do the exact same thing!!! Ha!!

Becoming Me said...

So familiar these words are...