Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are you doing anything exciting today?

Yesterday as I was exercising at Curves, a lady asked me a question.

"Are you doing anything exciting today?"

I thought for a minute, did I have an answer to that? I mean, there was nothing out of the ordinary about my schedule yesterday. So I answered "No", and went on working out.

For some reason though, her question has stayed on my mind.

I suppose it depends on what she meant by exciting. I assumed she meant something unusual, or out of the ordinary, and she probably did. However, from my perspective, things are a little bit different.

I came home from exercising to find my husband doing the dishes, which I hadn't asked him to do...That was exciting!

I gave Austin a bath. Water, water everywhere! That's exciting!

I fed my children lunch, and they didn't make a huge mess! Exciting!

I layed Austin down for a nap, and he stayed in his bed and slept for 2 hours. Very Exciting!

I got to scrapbook for an hour in total peace and quiet while Austin napped and Annie watched a movie. Definitely Exciting!

I went to watch my littlest girl play soccer. Always Exciting!

Perspective. It's an interesting thing. Because from my point of view, I lead a pretty exciting life.



Janelle said...

I love this life. Even if it sounds dull on the outside. It is a blast!

Great post, Shelley!

Jamie said...

I think you have a very exciting life. Great post.

JP's MOM said...

Definitely exciting.

Never a dull moment for sure!

Laney-Lou said...


Sometimes we take for granted our everyday life...but in all actuality, we all lead VERY exciting lives!!!

Fran said...

Yep...perspective is the key...sometimes we have it, sometimes we don't.

Have an exciting day today!

Carissa said...

love this post shelley. and think you are right on! i think it was mother teresa who said that in the end we will find that it was all the little things that were truly important...not the big stuff. (although i'm pretty sure mother teresa didn't use the word "stuff"!)anyway...thanks for the reminder today!

dawn said...

One thing that is exciting for sure...your new body! You look fab, girl!

Alana said...

Isn't it funny the little things that excite us now that we are Moms?

Great post...loved it!

I'm Tara. said...

4 little words, girlfriend...
Never A Dull Moment. Ha, ha!
We SO would be friends, you're right. No, check that - -we so ARE friends. :)

katemcdonald said...

I would be THRILLED to come home to a hubby dishwashing:)

Seriously though I love this post- I think being joyful as a mom is at least 50% learning to take the time to see the beauty in the ordinary!