Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday My Boy!

I am no longer the mother of a one year old.

My baby, sweet Austin, turned two years old last Sunday.

We had a nice little, and by little I mean un-stressful, family party. We all gathered 'round for Austin to open his gifts.

That went well at first. He LOVED this broom toy that his Great-Grandma Ellie gave him. Someday his wife is going to have quite a helper in the sweeping department. This boy loves brooms!

After he opened the first couple of presents, he lost all interest in opening any more. So mommy stepped in and helped him with the rest. Here he is with another favorite, a bat that daddy and his sisters picked out for him.

Nana made him a beautiful growth chart. She's made them for all the kids, and I love plotting their progress on them. It seems crazy to think that one day he'll actually grow to the top of it! However, according to the doctor last week, he will. Our boy is in the 90th percentile for height! CRAZY! Dr. Z said he'll probably be well over 6 ft tall. Oh my goodness. That scares me!

Oh, and notice in the picture above how he's already using the broom as a weapon. Yeah. We've had to take it away. Several times. It's currently residing on top of the refrigerator. So far he hasn't climbed up there yet.


I made him a road/car cake. It turned out pretty cute, and he wasn't scared of it. Last year he was scared of his cake, poor boy! Anyway, I really liked how it turned out, and it was easy, which is even better!

So, he's two. Which really is fitting. He's been acting two for awhile now. Throwing fits when we buckle him into the car...I know, can you believe it? I mean look at this face!

It gets me every time! He does something insane, and I get all mad, and then he just smiles at me. And I melt.

He's full of energy and curiosity. He's full of LIFE.

And he's getting so big. And so strong. And sometimes my heart just feels like it can't take it anymore. I want to hold him tightly and keep him from growing up anymore. I want to make time stand still so I can soak him up. As crazy as this age is, I feel like I already miss it.

Okay, I have to stop that. I'm making myself cry.

Happy Birthday sweet boy of mine. Have fun being a two year old. Just don't drive your mama too crazy.


I love you!


JP's MOM said...

Yea 2!

...and now the fun begins!


I'm Tara. said...

Just to reinforce the obvious, he is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!! I am glad it was a good birthday for him -- I always laugh at how many "me too's" that I have when I read your blog. I currently have a Little Mermaid wand on top of my refrigerator. :) Your sweet post made me get all teary, too. These little people are just so precious!

Celeste said...

He is soo cute!! I can't believe he is two!

Jamie said...

I love this post. What a cute boy. Don't worry since he's going to ge so tall he can help his daddy protect his big sisters when mean old boys come around.

Janelle said...

Is it weird that I heard him "talking" when I looked at the pictures of the gifts. I could just hear the delight with the bat and broom. My first thought was when will he use it as a weapon. :)

The cake is fancy!

The pictures of him were gorgeous. He is a handsome man.

Janelle said...

Just looking back over those pics. Jason is SKINNY. Wow! He is looking great.

Laney-Lou said...

Oh my goodness...he IS getting so big! I know it wasn't too long ago that I saw him, but he just looks so grown up in all those pictures.

Speaking of pictures...JASON LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!! Please do tell him how amazing he looks! Can't wait to see a hott pic of you too!!!


dawn said...

Where does the time go? He is so cute and that cake...WOW, you did good. Do you hire out?

Sarah Markley said...

so cute. my littlest will be three in february. the time flies. ouch.

Anonymous said...

his pictures are so cute!!!!

Darlene R. said...

Ah, two! Happy Birthday Austin!

The pictures are so cute and I am totally impressed with the cake!!

Alana said...

Oh my word. Those pictures of Austin are stinkin' adorable! I'm glad he had a good birthday and received a few more things to bang around. Remember..."no bang!"?? Love the cake, great usual!