Monday, September 3, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

Or at least the dog night of summer.

Tonight was the annual Doggie Dive-In at our city pool. The last event before the pool closes for the year. We went last year, and took our little dog, Delilah. This year we bravely took both our dogs!

The kids had fun, or they fought like...well, dogs. Depending on the moment. The dogs tolerated it all quite well, they are pretty good dogs.

There was a moment of insanity at the beginning. Annie had soccer practice at the field right next to the pool before the doggie swim started. As we walked her to practice, dogs on leashes following along, Delilah got loose. Crazy little dog took off like a wild horse, zooming around the soccer fields, weaving around people, making circles again and again. In the middle of the field Ellie fell apart screaming and crying, afraid we would never catch her. Then to top it off, Delilah paused just long enough to relieve herself...#2...right in front of a kids soccer practice. Nice. So, we have Ellie jumping and crying and screaming, Delilah running in circles, Jason heading back to find a doggie-doo bag, Annie guarding the doggie-doo so no poor kid will step in it, and me holding onto Elvis, keeping an eye on Austin, trying to calm Ellie down, and catch the flying Delilah.

The crazy, it never leaves us.

What a way to end the Summer!


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