Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Caught Up!

Mark it down...I am finally, FINALLY caught up on my blog! (If you have Google reader or some other thing like that, you may have noticed 30 or so new blog posts showing up from me. Please just mark them as read and don't worry about what you've missed, because I'll be honest, most of them are boring!) I have spent the last year catching up from the last 3 years. Since I don't scrapbook anymore, and I don't keep photo albums, I wanted to at least put the important pictures and memories here, on the ole blog, so they are recorded somewhere. It took me about 9 months longer than I thought it would to get everything recorded that I'd missed, mercy! But now it is done! Which means now my challenge is to keep it continuously updated...surely I can do that...right? I actually think I can. In this age, with my trusty iPhone and my BlogPress app, I can even blog from the school pick-up lane while I wait for the kids! Ahhh, I do (usually) love technology!

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