Wednesday, August 15, 2012


How can she be eight? Just yesterday she was my tiny, pixie faced baby. Sigh. And today? Today she's so beautiful, and tall, with these lonnng legs and tan skin. She still has a pixie face but it's a girl-face, not a baby-face. She is fun and sweet, but definitely has a sassy side as well. She loves school, friends, swimming, boating, tubing, pizza, candy, and sleeping. She has never been, and I doubt will ever be a morning person. She's a good sister and daughter, an excellent student, and a sweet friend. Annie Grace, you have blessed our lives.

In the weeks leading up to Annie's birthday, the Summer Olympics were on, so we thought an Olympic themed birthday party would be fun! We invited our friends over for a backyard party and bbq, and it was a blast! The kids played "Extreme" Duck Duck Goose, where they tagged each other with water balloons! It was a HUGE hit with the kids of all ages! They also played Hillbilly Horseshoes, Giant Beach Volleyball, and did Three-Legged Races. We ate yummy food that daddy cooked for us, and had chocolate chip cookie bars for dessert!

The kids doing "The Bolt"!

Giant Beach Volleyball, The winners of the Three-Legged Races in victory, and Yummy food!

Extreme Duck Duck Goose!

Olympic Cookies and Cookie Bars, The Three-Legged Race, Friends having dinner, and Olympic Gold Favors!

Blowing out the torches, getting hosed down by J, Hillbilly Horseshoes, and a table of friends!

It was a super fun party that took me about a week to recover from. :)

A few days later, on August the 15th, my eight year old woke up...

She picked the "Bowser Door Place", better known as Mr. Yens, for her birthday lunch with Grammie and Grandma Ellie...

And then Orange Leaf for dessert!

I'd say she celebrated in style. :)

Have fun being 8 my sweet girl!


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