Sunday, September 23, 2012

Awesome Day!

What a day! Our sweet Annie Grace showed the world that she believes in Jesus today, by getting baptized in one very cold creek!

Our church held a Family Day at Dogwood Canyon. It was so beautiful. It's a wonderful place to spend a day as a family, even better as a church family. We took our bikes, and the kids had a blast riding around the picturesque paths, over the adorable bridges, and checking out the water falls. At 4:00 everyone gathered at Thunder Falls to watch 42 people get baptized. It was a true celebration!

Annie was a little nervous, and she knew (many kind people had told her!) that the water was cold. But she bravely waded in when it was her turn! What a blessing it was to share this beautiful day with friends and family!
Getting Baptized by Pastor Ted!
Annie, Breann, and Bailey all got baptized, and so did Ami!

Olivia warming Annie up!

Proud Grandparents!

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